a time in which it restricted the sale of various authorized articles from FC Barcelona . ​​Manchester United. Juventus . Inter Milan . AS Roma as well as the French Football Federation. Reason for which the sanction was imposed after two years of investigations. which began with a sector investigation on electronic commerce in the region. Attack the consumer. European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said the sportswear firm’s actions deprived soccer fans in other nations of the ability to buy products from their favorite clubs such as mugs. bags. stationery or toys.

Nike has prevented many of its licensees from selling these branded products in a different country. resulting in fewer choices and higher prices for Peru Phone Number consumers.” the agency said in a statement. It was also specified from Reuters that Nike’s practices included clauses in the contracts that prohibited sales outside the territory of origin by licensees as well as threats to terminate the agreements if the owners of the same ignored the clauses. Still. the fine was reportedly reduced by 40 percent after the company cooperated with the European Union regulator.

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After the 2018 Russia World Cup . the Argentina national team played six friendly matches in which Barcelona star Lionel Messi was not present; however. number 10 is part of the squad that will face Venezuela tomorrow in Madrid as part of the FIFA date. in which it will also play against Morocco . For this reason. the Argentine National Team has promoted Messi’s return on its social networks with content called ” 10 Argentines in 1 ” within which reference is made to Messi’s virtues. each inspired by the work of emblematic characters. of the South American nation such as the writer José Luis Borges .

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Pope Francis . the pilot Juan Manuel Fangio . the painter Benito Quinquela . among other characters. Lasting more than a minute. the content has nearly 100.000 views and counting. in addition to having more than 3.000 retweets and more than 8.000 likes so far. Divided opinions. Although Messi has won everything possible with Barcelona. ​​with his country’s national team it has not been the same. which is why there is a claim from part of the fans as well as from the Argentine sports press regarding the player’s performance when he saw the national jacket.

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In turn. those who defend the soccer player point out that the options for success lie in the star’s abilities and that without him. one cannot aspire to win titles; however. defeat in four finals. including one in the World Cup. has fueled a sense of disappointment. Uncertain future. At 31 years of age. waiting for Messi to lead Argentina to glory in the next. World Cup is almost an impossible task. however. Having the striker goes beyond the field of play because the player from Rosario is a true advertising magnet. Therefore.

having Messi in the squad allows the selected team as. Well as its sponsors to have one of the most visible faces in the. World of soccer wearing a product or advertising a service. Although the player has thrown in the towel on more than one occasion. His returns tend to generate extra motivation both in the fans. His teammates. but especially in the sponsors. Therefore it will be up to the latter to undertake the generational. Change in the person who will be the ambassador of their campaigns. Who will also have the difficult mission of restoring hope to. The fans 59 percent of fans prefer to approach a

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