The month of April finally gives way to the month of May, its lily of the valley, its good weather and its many public holidays. The perfect time to update your aliaz profile in the colors of spring! And since inspiration does not always come by itself, discover our selection of the best aliaz profiles of April! Graphic designers are well represented, but an engineering school, a developer and a site specializing in Australia are also in the spotlight. And as always, don’t hesitate to share your aliaz profile in the comments to be part of the selection for the month of May! Loïc Odile Loïc Odile is a graphic design student at the MJM Graphic Design school in Paris, and it shows. He is currently looking for a contract in CDI, CDD or professionalization in the field.

EPF Generalist School

A generalist engineering school recognized by the engineering Ukraine Phone Number List titles commission, presents itself on aliaz. It offers international training, dual degree, within the campuses of Sceaux, Troyes and Montpellier. A school to discover on social networks, from Twitter to LinkedIn! Franck Vallet Based in the south-east of France near Marseille, Franck Vallet is a web developer / integrator. He relies on the many computer languages ​​he masters and creates statistical or dynamic sites, web applications, and can integrate your graphic charter. Franck Telmar Franck Telmar also works in the web, but as a graphic designer. Communication professional for 10 years, he presents himself on his alias. You can also consult his CV and his portfolio presenting his creations. To discover ! Adrien Rahard We stay in graphic design with Adrien Rahard. A clean aliaz profile, a very short description where only his profession appears.

Ukraine Phone Number List

Discover Australia Australia

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