And, finally, it helps you achieve greater positioning in the minds of the audience and on social networks. 3 steps to develop a storydoing strategy 1. However, Know your audience and their virtues prepare a buyer persona beforehand. So that you have a representation of your ideal client based on real data (núñez, 2021). This is the customer prototype towards which you will direct your strategies and actions in storydoing experiences . 2.

With these data define a strategy associated with the concept of your brand and your marketing objectives . But without ceasing to be personal. Attractive and interactive. 3. Analyze your goals and what identifies you define what are the values ​​you want to transmit in this interactive experience. Either for the brand or for a certain product (objectives). Also. Determine what differentiates you from other brands and how to generate connection Egypt phone number with those qualities in a practical or experiential way. As with storytelling . Above all,The success of a storydoing strategy involves the development of a quality audiovisual narrative.

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Do not neglect the presentation of the elements of your image, nor the technical details. This will make the experiences of your audience in your storydoing strategy a memorable experience. However,In addition to remembering your brand and recommending it.Ott ( over-the-top ) services are streaming services for audio, video, advertising and other content using platforms on the internet. They offer their content on demand ( on-demand ) to any user with a compatible device and at the time of their preference.

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The provision of ott services began in 2015 and has become a trend due to the growth in preference for the transmission of messages. Video. Music. Streaming and tv. Content marketing in e-commerce how ott services work in spanish. The expression over-the-top would be understood as “Above”. This is precisely how they work: content is offered through an internet connection. Above all,Without a provider controlling its programming (ionos. 2020). Access to these services is done under subscription (license) or free of charge (with advertising) (2coders. 2019).

That Meets the Needs of the User.

These are the three (+1) types of ott services (mediastream, 2018): svod or subscription video on demand it works by subscriptions, where the user pays a periodic fee or membership. Some of the features of svod services are: access to premium content : with exclusive premieres, vip shows and a more extensive catalog of access only for subscribed customers. Some svod providers allow downloading of their content. However, In this way, you can enjoy them without the need to be connected to the internet. Examples of ott svod services (herrera, 2021): netflix. Hulu. Atresplayer.

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