Where the most appropriate strategies are chosen. To grow the audience and the business; and leadership. When the growth goal has been reached and it is necessary to reinvest profits. Expand collaborators buy new equipment. Having a digital business is super beneficial. According to the Madrid Chamber of Commerce (2019). the main advantages are: 1. Reduce business costs: an entrepreneur can create their own digital business with the help of the internet and from home. I know that all of Mexico is supporting him”.  Nevaeh Green and Lex Lumpkin during the game.

Young Sheldon came out to give an explanation in his own style at some point. Nickelodeon. CBS and the NFL have taken all the credits.  connect with Philippines Phone Number the information they discover in the audiovisual material. According to Angosto (2015). in order to achieve a massive dissemination. Of a video. the following must be taken into account. Tell stories that generate emotion. You can create a story that appeals to nostalgia. joy. fun or inspiration. This establishes an emotional link with the user.

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Use humour: The videos must In conclusion, have their share of humor as users are looking for fun information to share with friends and disconnect from day to day.  Expands opportunities for expansion: the internet offers coverage to millions of users. Therefore having a digital business is ideal for accessing. Potential markets and the company. whether large or small. As is applied by restaurants to offer their menu of dishes avoiding direct contact. given the situation. Due to the above. Being agile in their implementation and visionary about the needs of the next generations.

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For Silva (2009). it has the In conclusion, following benefits: 4. Facilitates access to information: having a digital. In addition. they can access information 24/7 from wherever they are. 5. Strengthens the relationship between the company and the client: Internet businesses allow users to immediately establish communications and increase their knowledge of a certain product or service.  Peru is the fifth country in Latin America In conclusion, with the highest demand for specialists in the technology sector.

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Among the most required In conclusion, professionals we find engineers. who work in almost all business areas. In this regard. how much does an engineering graduate earn in our country? Next. we explain the salary of some professions in this sector. according to the Ponte en Carrera portal of the Ministry of Education. POS and payment gateways on the web. they have also developed their own social networks to increase their visibility. serving as a new showcase to promote your products and services. The use of QR codes to store transcendental business information and make it known to their customers.

Development and proposal of technological solutions that contribute to decision-making and the objectives of a company. Average salar Minimum and maximum monthly income: From. Industrial. Engineering: its professionals design. implement. manage. Integrate and improve operational and support processes throughout the value chain. Both in manufacturing and service companies. Average salary Minimum and maximum monthly income. Design and installation of mechanical or thermal equipment. Its specialists plan and direct. Manufacturing operations and machinery maintenance.

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