Following the steps you will be asked to provide the address or domain of your web page. If you don’t have one yet, you can purchase it directly from your hosting provider. After adding your domain, you will be able to access the wordpress menu. Upon activating the installer, the system will also show you some essential plugins that you can add. The installer sets up your wordpress site, which may take a few moments. After that, you will see a success message with all the details.

Final considerations to manage your website once you have installed wordpress, you can continue your customization process by changing the template. When you install a theme through the wordpress admin area, the theme files are downloaded to your hosting service automatically. If you download a theme Bulgaria phone number to your computer, you will find it packaged in a single zip file. You can load it into your wordpress for installation. Finally, if you are a beginner, simply choose a host that comes with wordpress pre-installed.

With the Concept of Personalization

We hope this mini-tutorial inspires you to take charge and start creating your own website.Podcasts are part of the types of content for social networks that are fashionable on the internet. They remind us of the radio opinion programs of a few years ago. They are becoming so popular and creating such a community that there are already many dedicated podcasters out there . The podcast is a close format, with which you can share high-quality content on social networks. Have you ever thought about becoming a podcaster ? It would be a great idea to enhance your website or blog. Content marketing in e-commerce we will tell you what it is to be a podcaster so that you can be encouraged and connect with the audience that interests you the most.

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What is it to be a podcaster? Make a podcast with a certain frequency, be an expert on a subject and share the content on social networks. This in broad strokes is what a podcaster does. Many people do them in their spare time because it doesn’t take a lot of time. It is a matter of having an amateur recording team and embarking on an adventure (mollá, 2019). Are you a specialist in a subject? Do you master an area or are you a technology geek? Do you have ease to speak, do you like it and do you think it is easy to connect with thousands of followers? Well, being a podcaster is a great option to share your knowledge.

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And, of course, even to earn money. As everyone talks today about the latest podcast or that they recommend one on a specific topic, we will show you which are the most influential in colombia. Content marketing in e-commerce most influential podcasters before the pandemic, podcasts were already popular. Many people listened to podcasts of up to 30 minutes in their car on the way to work. Or by public transport. Due to the obligation to stay home, the number of podcast fans increased. By 2021, according to the pod2021 podcasters survey, about 62.6% of people in the world consume podcasts and 36.7% produce them (portfolio, 2021).

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