If you create content based on a horizontal SEO strategy, for keywords with a low search volume or content that mainly provides information, it can be difficult to measure what your content delivers. This means that you have to come up with a different approach to measuring the results. Think of offering a free magazine, requesting a sample package or requesting advice by telephone. If someone converts in that way, you can measure that and assign a value to it. You then have no turnover or a transaction, but you do have a soft conversion or micro conversion.

You can often be found by making a good page, which means that the threshold to try horizontal SEO is very low. Especially for smaller companies that cannot compete with the marketing teams and associated budgets of the big boys.

 The content strategy is your strategy

Since you’ve thought about your topics and your customer’s needs yourself, you have access to information that your competitors don’t. This means you can build a head start.

As a content creator, you have Controlling Directors Email Lists thousands of tools at your disposal that make creating, publishing and promoting your content easier, more fun or better. But… there are so many content tools that you can quickly no longer see the wood for the trees. And some tools are more funny or fun than they are actually useful for a longer period of time. Which tools really help you create, publish and promote content properly and quickly? In this article I share my top 10 favorite content tools.

Controlling Directors Email Lists

Canva as a basic content creation tool

Canva as a content creation tool is of course an open door and that is why I am not counting it in the top 10 content tools. But still I want to mention it here because of the many possibilities that keep expanding. I have the strong impression that Canva is on its way to pushing all kinds of other tools out of the market that, for example, have one specific application. Sometimes by copying them, such as the function that allows you to erase a background from a photo. Sometimes by working together, as the library of stock photos and graphics shows.

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