They only conceded six goals in 12 games played. Qatar is in a race that few believed a few years ago: to organize the sporting event of greatest significance. a FIFA World Cup . However. overcoming prejudice (it is not a country with a football tradition. far from it) and hand in hand with “petrodollars” (it is not cheap to organize something like this). he finally achieved his goal. Although there are complaints that there were bribes and pressure within the organization based in Zurich. the truth is that Qatar . Griezmann’s arrival at Barcelona shows the marketing. media and social media impact that football has.

Without a doubt. one of the biggest sports businesses today. The FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019 came to an end. this Sunday the final was played between the United States and the Netherlands . a match in which Israel Phone Number the Americans won 2-0. to get their fourth title world. which promised to pay close to 700 million euros for the next ten seasons. to replace Nike as the main sponsor of the Cityzens . A case similar to that of Adidas with Juventus and the extension of the contract until 2027. Although. although it brings it closer. there is still some distance with the main clubs such as Real Madrid. Barcelona and Manchester United that receive close to 100 million euros per season. from Adidas.

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Nike and Adidas. respectively. Without a doubt. soccer is establishing itself as one of the most profitable businesses in the world of sports and entertainment. which is why the main brands seek in one way or another to be linked with the main clubs in the world. Not for nothing is it an industry that generates revenues of more than 90.9 billion dollars globally . according to projections (2017) by AT Kearney . through Statista. In fact. among the 20 most profitable clubs worldwide. they represent revenues of more than 8.3 billion dollars . according to the Deloitte Football Money League 2019.

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A round deal for Nike Yes it can be said that it is a. Win-win relationship for both brands. on the one hand. PSG will continue to wear Nike until 2032. receiving substantial income and. without a doubt. wearing a badge that usually adds value to the clubs that wear the clothes of the sports brand. For its part. Nike knows the value and potential represented by the French team that is among the ten most valuable in the world. with an estimated brand value of 1.025 million dollars . according to data from Brand Finance . But. beyond this. there is enormous marketing potential at PSG . although the possibility of.

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Neymar leaving the club is latent. He still has a current contract and they can continue to use his image. To boost the sale of jerseys and other clothing with the brand. This without forgetting Mbappé. who is considered the ideal candidate to take the place of. Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo when they leave football. The numbers support the French club. Bata published by Marca refer that during the 2017-18 season. PSG sold 800.000 shirts. An increase of 80 percent over the previous year. An impact attributed to the weight of the Brazilian player and the. French champion world In addition.

Emphasis is placed on the club’s growth in engagement in international markets. even surpassing that registered in France. Something that should be highlighted is that. PSG is considered one of the most innovative clubs. Which break the status quo . according to the Deloitte Football. Money League 2019 report . due to initiatives such as the co-branding with. Air Jordan undertaken last season.  Promotions to encourage the sale of household appliances (especially televisions) is a classic of all major sporting events.

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