Because consumer habits have greatly evolved since the entry of digital in all Armenia Phone Number List , it is necessary to adapt your commercial strategies to find new prospects . If you are still using the manual method of building your prospecting files, using directories, this article will surely be useful to you! It is high time to make your digital transformation .

The Inbound Marketing invites you to implement an automated marketing (marketing automation) , allowing you to attract visitors to your website, to turn them into qualified leads and loyal customers, ambassadors …’s focus here on the first step which aims to put precise information on an unknown visitor or an unqualified email address.

The visitor’s journey often begins with search engines, social networks or an email box …

The path taken by your potential prospects has changed a lot. Today, consumers use Google to find information and solutions to their problems. Starting from this observation, it is easy to understand the importance of a good SEO for the success of a website that contributes to commercial efficiency.


This implies, among other things, an optimized use of keywords, so that the site appears on the first page of search engines, on queries that precisely meet the needs of the Internet user. To get there, you always have to put yourself in the shoes of Internet users and try to think like them. This first approach consists among other things in using appropriate expressions, if possible long tail , or in optimizing the meta-description of the article or of the page in question to encourage the Internet user to “choose” your site. These few lines will allow him to determine if the site will provide satisfactory answers to his questions.

On social networks, you probably have many contacts but they are not necessarily qualified as prospects, in the same way, you may have important customer files with thousands of email addresses but no information at your disposal. precise on those who hide behind these lines … Are they ready to buy, who are they? It’s up to you to transform these contacts into qualified prospects!

Adapt its offer and premium content to customer needs and think about segmentation

In this second phase, it is about adapting your Content Marketing strategy to your target audience . The offers and proposals formulated on your site will then have to meet the specific needs of these customers. It is only by finding content that meets their expectations that they will stay on the site and above all, take an action that will allow them to move from the contact stage to that of prospect .

Indeed, if you offer enough quality content, they will be required to provide their contact details by leaving comments on an article, subscribing to the newsletter, participating in discussion topics or downloading a white paper . It is essential, and even essential, to offer premium content to your visitors , in exchange for their contact details. A visitor who passes through your website without leaving a trace is lost, he has no chance of becoming a lead, although he may have a need soon!

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