The Google Plus page has many advantages for the SEO of your business. With more than 300 million users worldwide, this social network is an opportunity to gain notoriety on the internet and above all to New Zealand Phone Number List qualified traffic. So that your Google Plus page becomes a key asset of your natural referencing, here are 6 elements to optimize urgently! As on other social networks , your Google Plus page will have your company name as title. But to optimize your rankings and to make it easier for people to find you, it’s smart to include at least one keyword , next to your business name.

For example, if you have a brand of women’s clothing, you can add “women’s fashion” in the title of the page. You have over-optimized your footer. Your footer should not be riddled with links and keywords. It is in place to facilitate navigation for Internet users and to allow you to provide additional information that is easily accessible. Remove unnecessary links and simplify this part as much as possible to remove the penalty.

The URL of the page

You can now customize your URL on Google Plus , just like on Facebook. Keep the URL short and easy to remember. As in the title, feel free to include a keyword. This will make it easier to identify your business page and allow Google Plus to better determine the theme of your activity, which is excellent for your positioning in the search engines. To personalize it, simply go to your “Links” section, click on “Modify” then enter the Google + URL of your choice.


3. The description of your business page
In the “Info” tab of your page, you have 2 essential headings for your SEO: description and presentation . These two elements must be worked on to promote your business, encourage Internet users to subscribe and boost SEO . The description is limited to 160 characters. It must therefore be short, concise and punchy. You must present your business activity in few words, but select them wisely. Prefer keywords that will give valuable information to both Internet users and Google.

Associate their website with their Google+ profile

As for the presentation, you are free to write as much as you want. In addition, Google Plus allows you to format it and insert links. You can therefore write a text that will detail your services, taking care to use the keywords at the heart of your Inbound Marketing . Do not hesitate to put them in bold and to make some links towards your Internet site. However, just like in the content of your site, avoid overoptimizing the texts. Prefer to integrate the lexical field of your keywords and keep a fluid writing.

So that your Google Plus page and your website act in synergy on your natural referencing, consider associating your page with your domain name . In the “Links” section, simply click on “Link this site” which will appear next to your URL. A window will open and you will have all the necessary information to validate this operation. When your domain name is associated with your Google Plus page, a checkmark appears next to it.

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