The thank you page, or confirmation, is the one that is displayed immediately at the end of the conversion of an Internet user, when he has Senegal Phone Number List an action (download, subscription to the newsletter, request for a quote, etc.) on a site. web. It often follows the landing page , and is often characterized by a thank you note, a notification to confirm the success of the action taken by the user, or sometimes even a promotional offer …

Far from being trivial, this page is of capital importance for the rest of the events. Indeed, it is often the last impression that the Internet user will keep , since generally, when this page is displayed, the visitor has finished his visit. However, it is essential to ensure that the user leaves the site with complete satisfaction from having subscribed or ordered from you. This page is also an opportunity to build loyalty. Let’s see how the “Thank You Page” can be improved in order to keep the visitor on your site and especially to ensure that they return regularly.

The benefit of an optimized thank you page

This page is most often the poor relation of the creation of a sales form on many websites, yet it has real importance in customer relations. First, it makes sense to thank an Internet user who is interested in the information published on your site. A visitor who accepts your service offer is precious! He is a consumer who can become a loyal customer, if he is satisfied with your reception and the quality of your services. This last page allows you to maintain a better relationship with an Internet user after having carried out a transaction on your site and to increase the chances of seeing them return.

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As part of a registration for a trial offer, for sending a sample or any other interaction that does not generate an immediate sale, the “Thank You Page” brings a first friendly contact, which can make the difference at the time of the act of purchase. The thank you page is therefore worthy of attention, in order to keep Internet users on your site and make the most of their visit . It is therefore recommended that you improve the quality of your thank you or confirmation page so that it can fully play its role.

By choosing a content creation agency, your company has solid skills to stand out from its competitors and capture its core target on the internet. Usually made up of a team of digital marketing specialists, it will provide you with quality content, to promote your products and services and thus generate highly qualified traffic on your website.

The different roles of a “Thank You Page”

The role of the thank you page depends on each company. It is up to the web marketer to ask himself the question of what he expects from the Internet user following a subscription or a purchase. What action must the visitor absolutely take to become a loyal customer or consumer? It is by answering this question that the brand will be able to effectively optimize this page.

For example, this thank you page can allow the user to initiate a new action: another purchase, the download of a white paper, the subscription to a newsletter… You thus have the opportunity to increase his basket. medium or to push him to buy later by putting in mind purchases that might interest him. If that doesn’t trigger an immediate sale, it can pay off in the long run. To do this, do not hesitate to offer items similar or complementary to your purchases and add a form for newsletter subscription.

In addition, a new visitor who is fully satisfied with the quality of your services can potentially become a fan of your brand on social networks . After all, if he’s interested enough to sign up for your services or buy from your online store, there’s a good chance he’ll want to follow your brand to be kept informed of your latest news and especially to your promotions.

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