Beyond the upheaval in methods, my Suriname Email List thinking was to tell myself that the business of organizational consulting was going to be radically impacted and that the consultants of tomorrow would only be virtuosos of data collection and analysis and that it was necessary so that I am considering retiring immediately presto being overwhelmed by these techniques thanks to which I see my young colleagues brilliantly handling monstrous volumes of data with PowerQuery, BigQuery on Google Cloud thing, Dataiku barbatrucs … and getting out of interesting results in two steps three movements when I am still doing my first formula in an excel or doing a linear regression by hand.

In short, I told myself that the job had changed and that my classic antediluvian methods based on traditional interviews, often conducted with two people because we listen better with four ears, were completely outdated (even if of course, the purpose of the interviews is also to collect documents and datasets and understand the main business foundations) During recent audit missions, however, several thoughts from clients surprised me. Most of these thoughts revolved around the following astonishment: “I was very surprised that you deciphered so much when you only conducted very short and apparently very general and innocuous interviews”. Big data isn’t everything either

Big data isn’t everything either

Of course, on almost all of our audits, we have a lot of data at our disposal (at least more than before) and their analysis requires new skills, but … an organization that remains above all human beings who work together, Data analysis, despite all these new skills, this virtuosity, these tools… it still takes time and our customers have not planned to do longer and / or more expensive audits, alas! Note that in certain sectors and certain small organizations (SMEs, small associations, etc.), there is not always sufficient data in terms of volume or quality, or you have to spend a lot of time collecting them and putting them into quality.


In short, organizational audits are more than ever a specialist’s business and also by way of a mix of skills / sensitivity within audit teams (on large audits) between young and old, women and men. , facilitators and controllers, or other greens and yellows … To find out more about our organizational audit offer and our project or information system audits … Xiaomi, founded in 2010, is an electronics and IT company specializing in mobile telephony. The company manufactures all types of equipment (tablets, headphones and headsets, routers) and connected objects (bracelets and home equipment). In the field of smartphones, Xiaomi overtook Apple in 2020 with 13.5% of the global market share, to become No. 2 behind Samsung.

In short, organizational audits

Can BATX worry GAFAM? It seems that BATX have the ability to challenge the dominance of GAFAM in the global market like Xiaomi in the smartphone market. However, unlike the American giants, Chinese unicorns are extremely sensitive to the mood of their government and to Beijing’s interventionism. In July, Chinese authorities called for an in-depth review of the practices of some 20 groups in order to reduce inequalities and reduce the financial burden on households. The future freedom of these large groups seems threatened, which made the financial markets react. For example, the CSI Overseas China index fell 26.5% in July. Tencent recorded the worst performance in its history with an 18% drop on Wall Street.

And yes ! Users are not tech savvy and rarely tech savvy. They are not the ones who will say what solutions will solve their problems. It is up to IS architects and project managers to identify technology independent solutions. And only once solutions have been tested by the project manager, the latter can decide to present the solutions to the users to get their feelings and see if it seems to meet their needs before the launch of the project. It is also a service provider who discovers that his incompetence threshold has been reached, and that what he does for his client smacks of m … But rather than remedy it by putting cards on the table, he tries to hide it and plays the flight forward.

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