INAUGURATED ! Surely, as a user or user that you are, you have already entered your favorite store to see the offers that are there, right? Would you like everything to be simpler and for sales to appear on Instagram or other social networks? Well, you can get it with your business! sales-in-instagram-portada1 The times of the year in which the offers are the queens , it is very important to keep social networks up to date. Purchases increase exponentially on those dates and everyone goes crazy with credit cards. Get users to know about your sales on Instagram and other social networks ! Imagine that you are the owner of a place located in the capital of Spain, which can only be visited by the inhabitants of Madrid or the tourists who come to the big city.

This is a big impediment for the whole world to know about your summer offers , isn’t it? But not only that, but you may be the owner of a large chain Argentina whatsapp number list fashion stores and have stores all over the world, such as ZARA. Although everyone can enter your stores, there will always be people who, due to schedule problems, will not be able to access your sales . All this will not be able to happen if you are active in your social networks. By now you will know the importance of having a presence in them and you will know that they serve to connect, in a closer way, to brands and their customers.

Discounts On Instagram

And if you still don’t know, here we leave you this post where we show you the importance of having a brand image on Instagram . Give your network strategy a spin and make room for sales . We show you how! Index [ hide ] Discounts on Instagram and other networks Discount codes for networks direct draw quiz with codes Newsletter subscribers Discounts on Instagram and other networks The most powerful social network for photography is a great influencer when it comes to showing products. There are many users who enter it in search of gift ideas or the best look to, for example, go to a festival. But not everything is there, but the followers of this app also buy through it.


Purchases with the mobile phone are on the rise and it does not seem that they are going to stop suddenly. When it comes to showing your sales on Instagram and other social networks, you have to take into account a series of factors in order to attract as many people as possible: Be creative : Share, in a unique way, your sales on social networks. Don’t copy and paste what everyone else does. Create your own designs! Get more reach : Try to get your posts to reach as many users as possible. Make a fun dynamic and see if you can make it go viral. Customize : You cannot put the same offers as the rest of the stores in your same sector. Be original! Update Instagram Shopping : Don’t forget to make your sales visible in your Instagram Shopping catalog so that people feel more attracted by the prices.

Discount Codes For Networks

Discount codes for networks There are many dynamics that you can carry out in your social network profiles to show the discounts that you have running during the summer and winter sales. Some you can do on your own and many others you can launch with the Cool Tabs tool. Do you know what they are and how to do them? sales-on-instagram-tips With our Cool Promo or Cool Promo White Label applications you can create campaigns where participants, just for participating, can get a discount code , for example. direct draw Direct actions are some of our most popular products. People love to enter giveaways on Instagram and also on other social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Take advantage of that and upload a publication in which you show your products or offers. The prize of these can be discount codes that can be generated with the Cool Tabs tool. You are yourself, the person who decides how many winners that draw will have and how many codes you want. sales-on-instagram-direct-raffle InstantWin Do you know a faster action than a scratch card ? In less than a minute, users have participated and found out if they have been winners or not. Make one with your sales on Instagram! Don’t worry, don’t worry, you can also launch it in other apps, blogs, websites… The only thing you have to choose is how many winners , codes, you want to have in the action.

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