Which digital platforms they use most frequently. and the emotional link they have with the brand. García. et.al (2018) recommends the following tools to meet the digital target: Digital empathy map: It is a format that seeks to describe the ideal client of a company based on six questions: what does he think and what does he feel?. The human being has the ability to adapt to unusual events. in some cases the adaptation time is a function of the magnitude of the circumstance and personal characteristics. however. what is constant is the skill that the person has to do forehead; factors such as the social and family environment will help in that process.

Market research to identify the relationship between customers and the products or services offered. The author recommends Google Forms. Survey Pakistan Phone Number Monkey. and Typeform as tools for conducting online surveys. Facebook Insights: Allows you to know the audience that follows the fanpage . specifically. what the community is like and how it relates to the brand: the publications with the greatest reach. gender. age. language and the location of the followers (sociological and geographical).

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Google Trends : Helps in the analysis of trends by words and allows to identify what topics are searched for at different times of the year. according to the location of the person. Likewise. this tool is useful for discovering market niches to exploit. Alexa: With this tool. the traffic that visits a website is known. According to the author. the resource allows studying the competition and obtaining sociodemographic data of the users who browse the page (gender. location. education. etc.).  Undoubtedly. covid-19 has had an impact on the social factor related to new consumption habits.

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And in general throughout the In conclusion, purchase process; which has led companies to redesign their strategies and business models. using digital tools according to the business vanguard. contributing to the generation of brand value in different items or categories. In this sense. companies have to streamline their digital adaptation to increase the level of their sales. offering a connection channel with the consumer that In conclusion, allows them to continue offering their offer of products and/or services through the use of social networks or creation of web pages.

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To ensure at the same time the In conclusion, positioning of the brand. For this. the following must be taken into account. Identify an area or process that requires entering the digitization process. Such as expanding a sales channel through the use of delivery applications. Analyze the situation of the conditions for implementation. And select the type of technology according to the need and capacity of the business. Disseminate and raise awareness of the new work philosophy among. Collaborators so that they can align themselves working for the new change.

Adapting to technological tools In conclusion, and perfecting their skills to manage it. Likewise. notify customers of this new change and evaluate the adaptation of this technology. Detail the plan and indicators to measure the effectiveness of the digitalization process in business; considering that this change must be gradual and constant. developing a. New way of working focused on modifying processes to optimize. Resources and improve the relationship with the client. based on the use of digital components. Mypes have begun to expand their form of payment through mobile wallets.

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