A fully personalized Luxembourg Email Addresses hub now appears at the top of the news feed of each user who connects them to a well-targeted shopping catalog! Searchable catalogs will now appear under Product Pins, allowing users to view more products for a single advertiser. For advertisers, these new features represent another way to reach Pinterest users while they are shopping or searching for the products they love. Pinterest recently cited a Neustar study on the profitability of their Shopping ads, stating that brands were seeing twice the ROI on Pinterest compared to other social networks. The platform also said that this is the latest update aimed at making Pinterest more shopping friendly.

If you too would like to test these two new features, do not hesitate to contact our Social Ads experts who will be happy to help you But if you have a certain budget to spend, you should start a Google Ads campaign early on, alongside your SEO strategy. Fortunately, a lot of the content you create for organic lead generation can also be used for your Google Ads campaign, so the two go hand in hand. Companies that rely solely on an organic search strategy are often unaware that it takes time, if not months, to see real traction. So a paid campaign can help you get results fast and meet your prospect goals while you work on creating SEO optimized content

Personalized recommendations

You really need to be successful in finding the most relevant and strategic keywords for your business. This is why Test & Learn must be part of your strategy. If your keywords are too broad, Google will show your ad to a large and therefore poorly targeted audience, which means more unnecessary clicks and wasted ad spend. Check out what works (i.e. keywords get clicks) and adjust them to make your ads the best fit for your target audience. You probably won’t get the “perfect recipe” on the first try, which is why you should analyze, add, remove and edit your keyword list until you get satisfactory results.


If your ad doesn’t match users’ search intent, your campaigns will perform poorly. In particular, your ad titles and descriptions must correspond to the keywords you are bidding on and must also be attractive from a marketing point of view (to increase the click-through rate). It is this combination that will give you the results you are looking for, and there may only be a few adjustments that need to be made. You have the option of creating multiple ads per campaign – use this feature to separately test which ads work best. Or, better yet, use Google’s “Responsive Ads” feature.

Shopping Catalogs

With Max CPC, your Quality Score (QS) is how Google determines the rank of your ad. The higher your rank / score, the more chance you have of getting a good spot. If your quality score is low, you will have limited visibility on the search engine and therefore be less likely to convert. Google tells you your quality score, but it’s up to you to improve it. Your efforts shouldn’t end with your Google Ads campaigns – user experience is just as important. What does your user see after they click on your ad? Is your landing page optimized for conversions? Does it understand the keywords you are targeting? Does it respond to user demand?

A low quality score Google Ads terms you should know These terms will help you set up, manage, and optimize your Google Ads ads. Some are specific to Google Ads, while others are related to PPC in general. Either way, you need to know them to run an effective advertising campaign. Your Ad Rank determines the placement of your ad. The higher the value, the better your ranking, the more visible your ad will be and the higher the likelihood that users will click on your ad. Your Ad Rank is determined by your maximum bid (max CPC) multiplied by your quality score.

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