Or as Eurosport and DAZN do in the sports world. Currently. in order to watch LaLiga games in Spain. Movistar users must pay an average of 129 euros per month. since it is also a necessary condition to have a telephone and internet contract with the operator. The objective of the company that has the rights to soccer in Spain is to make the service more economical. There is no official data. but it has emerged that he would like to go towards a scheme similar to that of Amazon Prime with Ligue 1. from France. which would make it possible to watch the games for an average of 13 euros per month.

On DAZN. for example. they charge 9.9 euros to watch the UK Premier League games. In addition. the service allows access to Euroleague basketball Denmark Phone Number games and the Motorcycle World Championship. There are two problems. The first: there would not be time for it to be applied from the next season (2022/23). since in October the televisions are auctioned and LaLiga would not get to prepare the entire package. It would be for the 2023/24 season. On the other hand. there is the issue of Real Madrid . which has always been against

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An agreement of this type because it harms them financially. The Madrid club is not a minor player in the Spanish league and its decision could twist the hand of the organization. That could lead to a lawsuit that would become another major hurdle. The next few weeks will be key in this determination. The Parisian club PSG offered Lionel Messi a 24-month contract that is estimated at around 30 million euros per year (not counting taxes). That equates to about $35 million. The several-time winner of the Ballon d’Or and five Champions Leagues with.

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FC Barcelona would be analyzing the contract with his representatives and lawyers and it would be a matter of hours before the player’s new destination is confirmed. As published by CNBS with information from SkySport . Messi also has two other options to leave Barcelona. ​​but PSG is the most advanced and the one with the greatest chance of coming to fruition. On Friday. FC Barcelona announced that the Argentine player was not going to continue at the club due to “economic and structural obstacles”. Even though Messi offered to drop the contract in half. Spanish La Liga rules regarding caps on income and expenses for

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salaries made it impossible. according to Blaugrana club president Joan Laporta. According to SkySport. the also Argentinian coach of PSG. Mauricio Pochettino. has already spoken with Messi about his transfer to the French capital. Asked if PSG would be his next destination at Sunday’s farewell press conference. Messi said: “That’s a possibility.” Although he added: “I have nothing confirmed with anyone. I received many calls. many interested clubs. At the moment. nothing is closed. but we are talking about many things.” Messi said goodbye to Barcelona in tears.

In a press conference that was seen by millions of people around the world. PSG emerged as the main candidate to take the player’s file in a move that would reunite him with his former teammate at Barcelona. ​​Neymar Jr. Along with the expectation of Messi’s move from Barcelona to Paris. the French club’s tokens skyrocketed: on Thursday they were worth 26 dollars each and this Monday. August 9. after the latest news. they were sold at more than 50. an increase of almost 100 percent. A Khalifah Bin Hamad Al Thani. brother of the Emir of Qatar and cousin of Nasser Al-Khelaïfi. The president of PSG. had said on Friday: “There is no need to wait…

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