In the 5th episode of our podcast, we deal with the Chad Email List of Amazon in the luxury sector, the “Google Protection” badge which is arriving in France for Google My Business listings, as well as the prioritization of broken prices in Google Shopping results. In this regard, the Mountain View firm is clearly inspired by Amazon, which places price as the number 1 positioning factor in its organic results pages. Google keeps repeating it: to be well positioned in SEO, you have to meet the user’s expectations. Only, depending on the field of activity that your company covers, this satisfaction can be expressed in several ways. As far as e-commerce is concerned

I would put a coin on the fact that the price will take more and more importance to be visible in the first search results, to the detriment of ranking factors that we thought were indebted. A person may want a Tesla because they think it will help the planet. Another person may want a Tesla because it has interesting technology. Some queries make it easy to understand the feature of your product that interests a person. And to be relevant, you need to build your entire sales pitch around this feature. Your page should quickly show that it owns what the user does. This is crucial to prevent users from bouncing quickly. Other features could be mentioned later on the page.

In the 5th episode of our podcast

But the sales pitch is built around the main functionality that the user is looking for. And the same strategy should be applied to other features that users are looking for. Remember: Most of the time, good landing pages should do what good sellers do. And one of those things is tailoring their speech to better suit each person’s interests. Segmentation is something you should do whenever possible. This is especially true for keyword segmentation. Of course, you need to prioritize traffic segmentation from keywords that have reasonable conversion rates. But keep being as specific as possible. Always think about how you can segment your traffic at a higher level.


How to get started with segmentation? If you are not currently practicing segmentation, this article may seem daunting. But remember, you don’t have to do it all at once. Start with a few basic customizations, like device, location, or primary keywords, and build your Instagram Ads or Google Ads campaigns from there. Also use the right tools to help you progress. Google Optimize is a great tool for page personalization. It has a free plan, integrates easily with other Google products, and has a powerful list of targeting rules. With this, you can create a personalized experience for a whole series of segments.

Google My Business listings

Don’t wait to get started, your competition won’t. Segmentation and personalization are hot topics for many companies looking for ways to increase their conversion rates. Smart bidding is another trend predicted to gain even more momentum in 2022. The current use of a PPC strategy requires manual tracking and optimizations of campaigns and budget allocation. The advantage of smart bidding? It does all of this automatically using Machine Learning. This process aims to improve conversion rates through automatic ad optimizations based on user behavior and trends. The two major technological advances that will bring business marketing strategies into a new era are undoubtedly augmented reality

And it is not the rebranding of Facebook in Meta and the announcement of its Metaverse that will contradict this trend! An interesting example of the use of augmented reality for your shopping experience is the possibility for users to test the rendering of cosmetic products directly in Google Shopping. The virtual reality in turn, allows via a dedicated headset to immerse themselves in an environment completely replacing our reality. Thus, a museum like the Louvre has developed a VR experience allowing users to come face to face with the Mona Lisa. National Geographic went further by developing an application dedicated to the Oculus Quest headset, putting you in the shoes of a photographer on an expedition to the 4 corners of the world. For having tested it a few weeks ago… I can tell you that it’s amazing!

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