In addition to this, if the strategy is well structured. It is possible to create audience clusters and thus carry out much more efficient retargeting campaigns . Today the issue of cookies and their possible blocking has led many. Brands to start thinking of cdps (customer data platforms) as the right path.  Cheaper cost per visitor it is proven that a good content strategy focused on owned media helps. Brands achieve traffic up to 99% cheaper than with paid campaigns. If you want to delve into this topic, I invite you to see the following article that talks about the roi of content marketing .

The value of a visitor for content will ultimately depend on the volume of searches on the keyword to be indexed. What is clear is that in the medium and long term. The cost of a visitor for content will tend to be $0, and will not depend on paid campaigns to drive traffic to the brand’s website. 3. Cheaper cost per lead South Korea phone number according to statistics, a lead for content can be on average 65% cheaper than with paid campaigns. Having your own media means that the organic traffic we will receive is permanent.

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When this happens, the value of a visitor tends to. And therefore the value of a lead will tend to the same. We did an exercise on wearecontent and got leads from 10 fields. For less than $1 from using e-books and paying for amplification. When the content was already indexed in search engines, the cost per lead tends to be $0. Is it expensive to create content for a company and thus have their own media? The reality is that the cost of content is not comparable to advertising. The reason is simple.

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Each piece of content becomes a true asset for the brand, while advertising does not. What does it mean that it is an asset for the brand? That each article or piece of content that is created with the necessary seo techniques will never stop generating traffic if it is updated frequently. That means he is a true asset for the brand. It differs from advertising, in that when you stop a digital advertising campaign, the traffic stops immediately and you stop receiving traffic. The cost of creating a piece of content on wearecontent depends on the length of the text and the experience level of the writer.

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To give you an idea, a text of 250 to 500 words written by an editor with several years of experience can cost you us$39. If you are interested in testing the platform, you can do so by entering this link . The key is that once you start, you should not stop publishing content. You must think like any other means of communication, and for this you must create content on a recurring basis. How big should a company be that wants to have its own media? As I mentioned at the top, this is accessible to any type of business. The only difference to have your own media will be the volume of content that the big one can do vs the small one.

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