So our final tip for creating viral content is to genuinely tell a story and forget about selling. It is important that you generate emotion in what is transmitted in the video. For a beautiful example of creating stories, check out this gatorade video with soccer star lionel messi. Finally, we can tell you that after creating your viral content , it is important that you think about where to share it. Logically the website is the ideal; however, it will always require a little help from social media. And let the creativity begin!Who was not surprised by the new name of facebook ? To all. Although some media had published news about the possible change, there were no previous big announcements or expectation campaigns.

From one day to the next, the ceo of facebook, mark zuckerberg, made the announcement and the news went viral in seconds. But what is behind the name change of one of the most important social networks in recent decades? We are going to tell you in detail the details of the new name of facebook. Seo and content marketing: 12 important tips we also want to make it clear to you if there were any changes to the algorithms or if they Costa Rica phone number remain the same. Why the new name of facebook? Facebook’s new name , meta, said very little to everyone. Zuckerberg explained that the “Metaverse” what he intended was to unite the real and virtual world. Meta would allow each user to create their own identity to unite them with their friends and family through video calls, chats and video games (raya, 2021).

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The concern of the president of facebook was that he did not want people to associate his company only with social networks. Because they are creators of technology to bring people together. They chose the word “meta” because in greek it means to go “beyond”; the goal from now on (ortutay, 2021). But there are literally “beyond” reasons, because you will not believe that a significant change currently does not have more things behind the scenes. We’ll tell you. Toxic brand and “facebook papers” legal problems are nothing new in large companies. It is logical that when handling information from so many thousands and millions of people something is mismanaged.

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The same facebook employees were the ones who, according to some sources, asked for the new facebook name . They considered the brand toxic because it dirty networks like instagram or whatsapp with the recent scandals of the “ facebook papers ”. Do you know the “facebook papers”? Some thought that the new name of facebook was given to divert attention from these papers. Let’s see what these documents are about.

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Social network with harmful effects the excess of information without control generates negative effects on all people. Fake news , for example, are ways to misinform and create panic when you can’t tell what’s real from what’s fictitious. And facebook is a social network that connects millions of people and spreads content of all kinds. Well, it turns out that in early october 2021 a former employee of the same company went on television and released a report on the harmful effects of instagram on the mental health of adolescents. Another document that is part of the “Facebook papers” says that the network spread polarization and hatred in the storming of the united states capitol on january 6.

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