Google has announced that it is Wallis and Futuna Islands Email List what it considers the best promotions in its Google Shopping listings. The objective is to offer users the best prices. To promote the posting of this type of offer, the Mountain View firm also unveiled new features in the Merchant Center so that all merchants can easily apply promotions , attract new customers, as well as new KPIs in the Merchant Center. their performance reports. Note that this highlighting of promotional offers, such as new features in the Merchant Center, are currently only effective in the United States but should land in France in the coming months.

Promotions are now available to all US merchants operating on the Merchant Center with simplified operation. The goal? Encourage the publication of more promotions during peak shopping periods. A logical strategy to increase the interest of Google Shopping offers against Amazon offers during Black Friday , Cyber ​​Monday or Christmas. Note that previously, merchants operating on Google Shopping had to complete and submit a form in the Merchant Center to be able to promote products . Now promotions are automatically activated for all sellers. This means that you have the possibility of modifying your promotions directly in the Merchant Center with an average validation time reduced to a few hours

Promotional products featured in Google

(historically, it took several days for promotions to be accepted). These updates allow e-merchants to be more flexible and to respond to consumer demand. For example, it will now be possible to launch flash sales or extend the discount period for offers already on promotion. On the user side, the products in promotion will occupy more space in the results of Google Shopping and can take several forms. For example, in the Google Images results of the capture on the left below, you can see that the first product displays the promotional message “Buy 3 get 30% off” below the seller’s name, while the offer just at its right simply indicates that the product is on promotion with the label “Sale”.


Buyers shouldn’t have too much trouble finding promotional products since a new filter is coming! This is an “On sale” filter allowing you to filter your Google Shopping mobile and desktop results by displaying only products with a discounted price. The results displayed by this filter will combine paid and free ads , as you can see below. This filter to locate promotional products, however, comes a little late compared to Google’s main competitor, Amazon . Indeed, the firm of Jeff Bezos, via its category Flash Sales and Offers of the moment , has long understood that the price is often considered as the factor of purchase number 1 by the consumers.

Promotions highlighted in the results

Google will be rolling out an update in November that will allow merchants to obtain more in-depth reports on the products being promoted. To take advantage of these performance reports, you will need to tag your promotional products with custom label (custom label). These reports will gather data on the impressions and clicks generated by these tagged products, in the free and paid listings of Google Shopping. With this development aimed at increasing the space occupied by products on promotion, Google Shopping is obviously trying to generate more interest from buyers, who consider price as the main factor driving the purchase.

Obviously, this announcement is a weapon that will help Google better face the end of the year, synonymous with major shopping events (Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Christmas)! We also imagine that the Prime Day of Amazon should motivate Google to put the package on the promotions by organizing, who knows, a similar event in the near future. But to our knowledge, this is the first time that the price has been considered as a major factor to be visible in Google (paid or organic), even if of course, it is logical that Google Shopping favors this aspect for the users.

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