Apart from the summer Morocco WhatsApp Number List the main shopping period in France takes place during the end of the year. Now, it’s Black Friday that starts the ball rolling, starting in November, positioning itself as the most interesting event in terms of promotions. If you run an online store , the products you promote will be different each year. However, your Black Friday page doesn’t have to be at its URL level. Indeed, the ephemeral side of Black Friday (which lasts only one weekend) could mislead webmasters by making them create a new URL for their dedicated landing page, each year. For example, for Black .

Friday 2020, a URL in the form lack-friday-2020 could be created, then would be deleted at the end of the event to see the birth, as Black approaches. Friday 2021, the URL . We do not recommend this approach.Whether it is our SEO agency or Google, it is advisable to adopt a URL that will never change for recurring events or chestnut trees of the year, such as Black Friday. Therefore, like Pimkie , you should always have a URL like www.yoursite.fr/black-friday which would never be deleted and whose content, title and meta description tag would be updated according to the year and the offers you offer.

Additional recommendations

Having a recurring URL allows you to build up popularity around the page over the years. In other words, the SEO value of your URL will increase based on its age and the links (internal and external) it receives. The longer the lifespan of your URL, the more chance it will have of acquiring links aimed at increasing its SEO popularity .Obviously, if your URL is popular, it will also be more likely to be positioned on key SEO queries. This is the case of the Black Friday page of the La Redoute site which has been in existence for several years and which ranks organically in 1st position for requests such as “black Friday women’s fashion”, “black friday decorations” etc … In short, upstream Black.


Friday, the page is already visible on more than 400 requests linked to Black Friday, which gives La Redoute a considerable advantage in attracting Internet users wanting to take advantage of slashed prices.As you will have understood, if you create a new page each time, you break the accumulated SEO visibility which will make you start from scratch in terms of positioning in Google.Whether for Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, the Christmas period or the sales, here are the additional recommendations provided by Google, which are in addition to the creation of a permanent URL.

Finally, this ad is for both paid and free Google Shopping ads !

If you haven’t created a Black Friday page yet, try uploading it months before Black Friday , so Google can crawl and index it properly.Apply standard SEO practices . Be sure to do a keyword research related to Black Friday and your industry to integrate them into the content of the page and build your title and meta description tags effectively. We advise you to target queries including the term “black friday” dedicated to your activity in order to attract qualified traffic. Moreover, we recommend that you write solid and semantically enriched textual content using a tool like 1.frOptimize the internal linking to your Black Friday page .

During the majority of the year, it will not be necessary to make your Black Friday page easily accessible through the navigation of your site. However, as this event approaches, it will be essential to increase the popularity of this page by linking it everywhere on your site: by including a link on your home page, on your category pages, in your footer, etc. … The idea is to show Google that the popularity of the page is growing as the event approaches.Embed high quality images . Google recommends adding a large static image of your Black Friday deal.

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