One of the most colorful and fun celebrations of the year is here: Carnival. From mid-February until the end of the month, the comparsas, the murgas, the parades and, above all, the costumes, take center stage in the streets. Take advantage of all the joy and creativity that surrounds this holiday to launch a Carnival costume contest among your audience. You will be able to amuse your users, encourage purchase and position your brand. In this post, we are going to tell you about the mechanics that work best to hold a contest of this type on your digital channels .

In addition, as a bonus track , you will find other ideas for Carnival that can help you boost your social audience: quizzes, prize wheels… carnival costume contest Index [ hide ] The best mechanics for a Carnival costume contest 1. Hashtag photo contest 2. Photo contest with form Other ideas to celebrate Carnival with your brand 1. Personality quiz: What is your ideal costume for Carnival? 2. Giveaway on social networks between comments 3. Carnival Afghanistan Whatsapp Number List The best mechanics for a Carnival costume contest 1. Hashtag photo contest Encourage your users and customers to enjoy the most homemade Carnival and unleash their creativity. Surely they will want to give a good account of their original costumes on social networks afterwards.

The Best Mechanics

For this reason, one of the best options you have to create your Carnival costume contest is with an Instagram giveaway using a hashtag . Opt for this dynamic if you want to perform a quick and simple action . You will only have to choose a hashtag to identify the action and be able to collect the publications that users upload. Users who want to participate must publish a photo wearing a costume on their profile and include the hashtag of the draw. In this way, you will be able to identify all the publications and make a draw among the participating photos.


carnival costume contest CD Tenerife giveaway on Instagram Tips for a Successful Carnival Contest Boost the scope and reach more users by establishing as a requirement to participate that users have to mention one or several friends . Take advantage of your action to get followers. Ask them to follow your account . Remember that it is a condition that you must check manually, since Instagram does not allow automated access to that information. Establish as a participation requirement that users have to include products of your brand or related to it. Benefits of a Carnival costume contest by hashtag Increase your audience Generate brand image Reward your users promote products 2. Photo contest with form Bet on a microsite photo contest to go one step further.

Tips For A Successful Carnival Contest

These types of actions, in addition to energizing your community, are designed to obtain data from potential customers . A microsite photo contest combines the benefits of a giveaway on social networks with those of capturing leads . Users will have to access the main page of your campaign, complete a simple form with their personal data (whatever you request) and upload the image with which they are going to participate. You can allow them to upload it from any device and/or link to it from their Instagram or Twitter profile . In addition, this campaign allows you to collect participations by hashtag .

If you enable the integration with Instagram and/or Twitter. Users who upload their photo to one of these social networks, with the tag you have chosen. Will enter directly into the contest. carnival costume contest Juguettos costume contest. Tips for a Carnival costume contest with form Enables a public gallery . Users who access the campaign will be able to view the rest of the participating photographs. Open a voting phase . Do you want to give it more excitement? Allow users to vote for their favorite costumes. To avoid fraudulent practices , you can limit the number of votes per user. As well as restrict participation from the same IP. Hold a raffle to reward participation .

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