Plunged into the heart of a jungle of competition, companies absolutely must Mauritius Email List out to capture their potential customers and offer them what they are looking for at the right time. The Real-Time Marketing , or real-time marketing, moves to this need with tools and techniques that allow brands to reach a target audience, the best time to propose an ultra-personalized offer. At the heart of Inbound Marketing strategy , real-time marketing refers to the art and manner of producing dynamic and delivered content in a targeted period .

Whatever the type of agreement, sponsorship has enormous advantages for your company, such as ease of tracking, reduction of prospecting costs, strengthening of communication … And the icing on the cake, this process can be. be fully automated! For the development of your business, it is important to encourage your customers to take as much action as possible. Who better than a satisfied consumer to talk about your business? By automating the strategies that lead your customers to become ambassadors, you will be able to significantly increase your sales.

Twitter, the king of real-time marketing

If there is one social network that meets this need to communicate at the moment T and to surf a buzz to open up opportunities, it is Twitter . The little blue bird has more than 200 million users tweeting, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is at the heart of news and events. As soon as something happens in the world, tweets flock and cluster around the same hashtag to follow the new information live. This is also valid for television shows, which animate the social network like a garland on a Christmas tree, where each user goes there with his comment, his analysis and his debate.

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The brands have therefore understood the importance of surfing the trends and events that are talking about them, to become embedded in the midst of millions of potential consumers. Deepen the ideas developed in your old articles Some of your old articles can be developed or benefit from a second wind, in order to adapt to new market developments. Rather than leaving articles that are no longer really in tune with reality, take them again to add other complementary and relevant elements . The main thing is to stay true to your theme, while providing useful information for your target.

Dynamic content in real time to boost its virality

Just go to Twitter when popular shows are broadcast and follow the dedicated hashtag to realize that brands know how to seize your moment of relaxation, to transform it into a moment of sale! Because the key is there: the hashtag . This famous “hash word” which serves as a rallying point for a community then becomes an opportunity for brands to surf the virality of an event, to remember the good memories of thousands, even millions, of consumers and encourage the purchase. timely.

When you publish an article , it serves your SEO strategy, but it also impacts your online reputation . However, your SEO can evolve and mastery of your image can only be complete if you provide relevant and accurate information. However, after a few months, your content may be obsolete from both points of view. Recycling them allows you to update your SEO, to ensure optimal management of your brand image, while arousing the interest of new readers. Contact us to set up a suitable content strategy !

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