This is the first time Reddit has Cambodia Email Address active daily use. In December 2019, Reddit reported that it had reached 430 million monthly active users, an increase of + 30% from the previous year. However, the number of daily active users of the platform allows a different comparison to be made. As you can see, Reddit is still far from other platforms, including Facebook and its 1.8 billion active users every day. But Reddit is growing, and the figure of 52 million active and engaged users is significant, especially when you consider the many niche communities on the platform. Indeed, one of the main strengths of Reddit is the extent of the communities available! If you want to deepen your knowledge and discuss a specific topic

there are probably resources available on Reddit and a dedicated active community. In addition, the members of these communities are very engaged, which makes it possible to target qualitative audiences if you set up advertising campaigns on Reddit. This user engagement is already catching the attention of advertisers, as the Wall Street Journal reports: “The company’s advertising revenue totaled over $ 100 million in 2019 and is on track to increase by over 70% this year. ” Reddit might not be the first social network you can think of, but there is clearly an opportunity to be seized in digital advertising on this platform. Additionally,

This user engagement is already 

with the company’s focus on cleaning up irrelevant content and providing a more user-friendly environment for advertisers, it may be worth allocating a dedicated media budget to Reddit in 2021. Make sure the shipping method information and your return policy is clearly explained on the product pages. Include details regarding when the product will be shipped and arrive at your customer, what delivery options do you offer (e.g. same day delivery, weekend delivery, free delivery, fast delivery, etc.) and also make sure that the return conditions are accessible and clear on your product pages. Special promotions and loyalty programs: Offering a loyalty program to your customers can also be a good way to boost conversions.


For example, you can add special promotions below the price of the product and indicate how many points a user can collect for purchasing the product. product page promotion Enrich your product pages with rich and relevant content: Using videos, links to related content, such as style tips, fitting guides, or product user guides can be great ways to boost engagement on your site and thus increase your conversion rate. While there are many ways to optimize your conversion rate, these tips will already be a good place to start. If you need more help implementing these tips or if you want to discover other ways to accelerate the growth of your e-commerce site, do not hesitate to ask our experts!

Reddit might not be the first social

In the example below, we’ve created a new event for visits to a site’s “Contact Us” page. After you create your first event, it will take approximately 24 hours for it to appear in the Conversions and Events screen. To immediately check your new events, click on the realtime menu again and you will be able to see the new custom event. At first glance, Google Analytics 4 looks drastically different and this change can be scary. The good news is that as digital marketers, we’re all in the same boat learning a whole new system. We recommend that you make a list of the Universal Google Analytics reports that you visit the most often. Once you have that list, start finding that same data in GA4.

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