Currently there are several universities that offer academic programs that certify coolhunting specialists . Coolhunting has enormous room for expansion as digital transformation takes hold in this century. One key to staying up-to-date is to generate a network in which topics. But it is clear that if you want to take advantage of all the potential. That coolhunting offers to brands, you must have a specialist in this field. The market is increasingly close and tools such. As analysis and use of trends represent an opportunity to gain an advantage over the competition.

We hope you liked this article and that now you have things a little clearer about coolhunting . If your interest is to implement it in your company. Do not forget that you must collect inputs from different sources and that these are of quality. Likewise, research must be carried out on the market in Singapore phone number general and internally towards consumers. Trends with the potential to contribute to the marketing strategy are chosen based. On their consistency with the brand.Owned media, paid media, earned media. A number of concepts that we never imagined we would have to face and handle in modern marketing.

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I can tell you that today it is more important than ever to have your own media . When we talk about this concept from the perspective of content marketing. I mean that each brand should have its own means of communication to communicate with its audiences. Thinking about this several years ago, it was something impossible.Content marketing in e-commerce if you want to see cases of. Brands that have made the decision to have their own media. We must highlight global brands such as telefónica with thinkbig empresas , j&j with babycenter , general mills with quericavida , among others.

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I can tell you that when you think about digital marketing, you should not only think about how to do online advertising or social media marketing. There are many tools that are fundamental and today the most important are content marketing and seo . We can say that it is inadmissible for any cmo (chief marketing officer), to consider that a digital marketing strategy exists without these 2 tools. I believe that relying on paid advertising to move any business in today’s world is unsustainable.

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What are the benefits of having your own media? 1. Own audiences I think there are multiple benefits, but the most important of all is that in this way the brand has its own audiences. In other words, you have captive consumers accessing your digital assets without relying on paid advertising. What is the point of having your own audiences? If a brand has its own media , it can communicate with its audiences without relying on traditional media. If the content strategy is successful, people will want to subscribe to the newsletter and with this the brand has already gained important ground (it will know its consumers).

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