The American Marketing In conclusion, Association (2013) defines marketing as that set of processes that create. communicate. deliver and exchange offers of value for consumers. customers. partners and the community. In this sense. marketing is a very important technique in organizations to improve the products or services offered to the consumer. attract increasingly selective and demanding customers. In conclusion, and implement sustainable and valuable relationships with them (Martínez Castrillón. 2016). Currently there are different marketing strategies that share a series of common objectives: generate traffic. leads and sales for the company. We are talking about Outbound and Inbound Marketing techniques.

which seek to draw the attention of users to get them to buy products or hire services. However. just as both have a shared ultimate goal. they also have certain traits that differentiate them from each other.  Public Bulgaria Phone Number and private sector companies around the world need project management to meet their goals within a given timeframe. According to Ameijide (2016). project management consists of the application of knowledge. skills. tools. and techniques to direct a project and meet its objectives. This process involves a In conclusion,  series of phases. such as initiation. planning. execution. monitoring and control. and closure.

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Project management can be carried out with reference to an international manual from the Project Management Institute (PMI). known as the PMBOK Guide. It is precisely in this publication where the Knowledge Areas are described. defined as the set of good practices in project management. applicable to most processes and whose use allows improving In conclusion, decision-making and increasing the success of projects. (Cruz Montero. 2020). What are those areas and what do they consist of? We explain it to you in this article! Integration: It consists of identifying. defining. combining. unifying and coordinating the processes and activities of project management.

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Scope: Its objective is to identify In conclusion, which processes are. Budgeting and controlling costs so that the project is carried out with a certain budget. Quality: These are the activities that determine responsibilities. Objectives and policies to meet customer expectations and ensure. That the project is executed satisfactorily. Human resources: Integrates processes that organize. manage and lead the project work team. Who fulfill responsibilities according to an assigned role. control and In conclusion, manage different processes of this type of business. It has front desk modules for the hotel’s first contact with guests. This tool controls information for managing logistics. purchases and inventories.

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Communications: These are the In conclusion, processes that guarantee the generation. In conclusion, Compilation. distribution and storage of the information necessary to execute the project. Risks. In conclusion, Includes activities that allow planning. identifying. analyzing. responding. monitoring and controlling the risks that a project may have. Its objective is to reduce the negative impacts on it. Acquisitions: These are all the purchase processes of the inputs. What tools are we talking about? We explain below! INFHOTEL: It is a comprehensive management software for hotels that allows you to plan.

Acquire the management In conclusion, skills needed in the business world by studying the Business Project Management Workshop Course. Find out more about this virtual training by clicking here At present. Different changes have arisen in the business world and. with it. In conclusion, the way of doing business. The appearance of technologies has encouraged. The leaders of organizations to commit to digital transformation. Which promotes the use of new ways to improve the customer experience. Helps them be more productive and In conclusion, implement new business models. But what is a business model? According to Osterwalder. Pigneur and Tucci (2012).

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