In previous articles, we have Russian Federation Email List you to RPA technology and its good things as well as the different solutions on the market . If you haven’t had time to leaf through them, fear not, I’ll give you a little taste of what you can find there. Robotic Process Automation automates routine and stable tasks. The RPA industry has grown in double digits over the past 5 years to reach $ 1.58 Billion in 2020. An increasing number of companies are taking advantage, why not you? RPA is one of the digital tools to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of companies. Very often, the technological heritage of organizations, built over time, is made up of systems

that meet immediate needs, without sufficient anticipation of the future or taking into account the past. The result: it is the user who is in part the link between siled systems, through laborious and repetitive entries, to try to maintain the consistency of data between the different systems. RPA is above all a technology which makes it possible to respond to the challenges of the various actors of the organization: General Management whose role is to define the overall strategy of the company to achieve its efficiency objectives. Their main challenges are to develop turnover and / or reduce operational costs.

What is the interest in RPA

The IT department who is responsible for the technical and functional architecture of the company. Its objective is to support the activities of the Business Departments by creating value using technology. Business Departments which, through tools specific to their activities, aim to produce more with fewer resources. Automate boring tasks to allocate time to cooler tasks by improving employee work conditions or workload by entrusting robots with repetitive tasks Increase productivity, reduce costs by producing more and better with fewer resources Reduce data entry errors, improve data quality through the implementation of bots in information processing processes and thus completely eliminate this type of error To do this.


RPA uses the interactions that a user can have with its interfaces, but also APIs, to perform tasks, including the transmission of data between different applications. RPA works by deploying a software script (robot / bot) that performs one or more tasks. The tool must be able to recognize the technical structure of interfaces, invisible to humans, in order to be robust and continue to function in the event of a change in the topography of the interface. The low code capabilities of an RPA tool are essential for communicating the business and the developer. This makes it possible in particular to present a solution that is understandable by the business because it is very graphic.

Respond to business challenges

We have listed some eligibility criteria below to help you define your automation project and ensure ROI. For many of our clients, the goal has been to use RPA to communicate heterogeneous IS. For example, one of our insurance broker clients wanted to facilitate the work of his agents who had to interact with two independent systems on a daily basis. Information systems unable to communicate with each other: no API or interfaces between the systems as heavy clients with publishers refusing to develop them This resulted in a double seizure in two systems with an average of 5 minutes per seizure 30 times per day.

When you launch a project, you always have the desire to meet your market. 2 years ago, I was sure that the idea behind the creation of Hackuity was good and addressed real business needs. but I also hoped that I was not the only one to notice it. Today our first customers are renewing their confidence in us and we have acquired what all start-ups hope to rapidly validate, ie “product-market-fit” as the Anglo-Saxons say. Now, we are at the crossroads of paths. The objective now is to maintain our technological lead and to conquer market share. “Time to scale” as the Anglo-Saxons say!

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