The European soccer market is estimated to be worth US$31.7 billion. In terms of revenue. the Premier League continues to lead the way and is 72% larger than its closest competitor. Germany’s Bundesliga. However. German stadiums remain the busiest in the European leagues. averaging more than 43.000 spectators. As for the salary paid by the clubs. the consultancy says: “There was an increase in the salary expense of the Premier League clubs at a faster rate than the growth of income in . And he argues that “clubs invest in looking for talent.” England’s second-tier teams also generated record revenue for the  season: $749 million.

A 4% increase from the previous year. The study explains that although the Premier League financially maintains its leadership position. three leagues Kenya Phone Number will continue to grow in the coming years. Italy ‘s Serie A remains slightly behind the German and Spanish leagues in terms of revenue. and France’s Ligue 1 remains the smallest of the five major leagues. The volumes of money that are handled in world sport are so high that brands are forced to update themselves permanently. The soccer leagues. beyond being associations that organize championships and everything related to their affiliated clubs. are also brands.

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and they need to be updated in the same way that their associates do. Let’s go to Italy . where one of the most important football leagues on the planet is played: Serie A. The first division of Italian football is. by value of its clubs and players. in the world Top 4 along with Spain (LaLiga). England (Premier League) and Germany (Busdesliga). Due to its strong presence in the sports marketing market . this novelty is important: Serie A renewed its image. which will be officially presented from the next season (2019/2020). The renovation was carried out by Ragu Ccommunication. “As part of a rebranding effort. we created a new logo for Italy’s Serie A .” they explain from the design agency.

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Before now Among the arguments that support the new image . the agency. Details on its website that “the ‘A’ represented as a diamond with multiple facets. Alludes to “the plurality of professionals who work at the service of the championship. He says they are “an integral part of presenting Italian football to passionate fans in Italy and around the world.” On the site Under Consideration . which specializes in logo design. there are many unfriendly reviews of the new logo. “When you start messing around with lighting you have to follow some basic physics. otherwise things would look like this. like the new Serie A logo.” one reader wrote.

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It’s like the Adobe and AP logo having a baby with the old Ganett and Blue Diamond logo.” wrote another. “Will there not be a new Avengers movie in Italy and we didn’t know?” another reader of the site wondered. alluding to the resemblance to the “A” of Avengers . the saga of Marvel superheroes. Background in Italy In Italian football there have been a couple of notable recent logo makeovers. The most commented. that of Juventus . which radically changed its shield. The other case was that of the Italian team. Which renewed its image in 2017.

While it was playing the qualifying round for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. But there was a problem: in the European playoffs. the unexpected happened: Sweden left her out . Real Madrid’s qualification of the agreement with Adidas is enough to understand its magnitude. It is the beginning of the third decade. Of the most successful alliance in the history of world football. Although initially some Spanish media spoke of more than 1.300 million dollars until 2028. What is a fact is that

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