An event that could seem a little less resonant in the global context because on this same day the finals of the Copa America will be played between the teams of Brazil and Peru. as well as that of the Gold Cup . between the representatives of Mexico and United States. Despite all this. the final of the Women’s World Cup has managed to position itself with several labels as a trend in social networks . not only demonstrating that it is a sport that is gaining relevance among audiences and brands . but also a specific weight in the global situation.

Advertising can also carry a message Why? The best answer is the spot that Nike has just published. once again demonstrating perfect timing to join the Chile Phone Number trends and peak moments of sport to celebrate its sponsors and brand ambassadors. managing to gain exposure. awareness and engagement. This is Never Stop Winning . a 60-second video that seeks to reinforce the message of other campaigns promoted by the brand such as Dream Crazier and Dream With Us . and at the same time project the message that this championship goes beyond football feminine.

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The spot has a montage with mostly black and white images that show several of the best players of the United States women’s team. including Megan Rapinoe . one of its emblems and leaders. In the background. different phrases (as well as some messages in the image) are heard in the voiceover about gender equity and in professions. freedom of expression. the new generations and the empowerment of women; his power for continuing to change history. “A whole generation of girls and boys will go out and play and say things like: ‘I want to be like Megan Rapinoe when I grow up'”.

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This phrase becomes more forceful considering the context. The leader of the team has openly criticized the government of. Donald Trump and maintained that he would not visit the. White House if he won the title… something to which more references have already been added. In addition. the team. as a whole. has a fight for equity in contracts. salaries and advertising relations with respect to the men’s representative. especially considering their world championships and how powerful their league is and the reference that the players are.

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The final of the FIFA Women’s World Cup will be the most watched game between women’s soccer teams in history. At least. those are the forecasts made by the major. European sports media based on the high interest that the cup generated throughout the world. Years ago. it went almost unnoticed. That is why the brands that achieve the greatest presence. Will benefit from high exposure thanks to live broadcasts around the world. The two teams that will play in the final. the United States and the Netherlands . Are dressed by the American Nike . In fact. one of the losing semi-finalists.

England . is also sponsored by the same brand. Only Sweden . the other team that will play for third place. receives the Adidas kit. The Netherlands reached the final after defeating Sweden in extra time 1-0. The other semi was won by the United States. the great favorite. who triumphed over England 2-1. The meeting will be on Sunday. July 7. at the Parc Olympique Lyonnais. The United States team. led by England’s Jill Ellis. Will go for its fourth world title and what could be the second in a row. The Netherlands gave the surprise by beating Sweden and will play their first final. Both the United States and the.

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