Search Engine Greece Email List (SEA) means in French the act of advertising on search engines. It is a branch of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). While search engine optimization, SEO, focuses on improving accessibility through the use of keywords, SEA places the paid ad directly in search engine results and on partner websites. The term “search engine advertising” is often used synonymously with keyword advertising, which has also given rise to the term PPC (pay per click), which refers to the payment method used by advertisers. Google’s dominance in the market has caused its advertising platform, Google Ads, to become another term for search engine advertising. Despite its various variations, the concept is still the same:

In this guide, you’ll learn what SEA is , how it revolves around Google Ads, and what you need to know to start advertising on Google. We’ll cover specific platform features and teach you how to optimize your campaigns to get the best from your ads. place the ad above, below or next to search results. However, integrating advertisements into search results is not unique to Google; such services are also offered by Bing and Yahoo. Since advertisers pay for their position in organic search results, this form of marketing is a huge revenue stream for search engines. In this article, we will focus exclusively on the Google Ads component which holds a monopoly position in the SEA universe.

What is SEA

Google Ads is a paid advertising platform that falls under a marketing channel known as “Pay Per Click” (PPC), where you (the advertiser) pay per click or per impression (CPM) on an ad. It’s no secret that the more relevant and targeted your Sponsored Campaigns these days, the more clicks you get, which increases the likelihood of better results. This is why Google Ads has become increasingly popular with businesses in all industries. Google Ads is an effective way to drive qualified traffic, or potential customers, to your website while they search for products and services similar to the ones you offer.


guide campagnes google ads With Google Ads, you can increase traffic to your website, receive more phone calls, and increase store visits. Google Ads allows you to create and deliver well-targeted ads (on mobile, Desktop or even tablet) to your target audience. This means that your business will appear on search engine results pages (SERPs) the moment your prospects search for products or services like yours on Google or even Google Maps. Note: Ads may also appear on other channels, including YouTube and the Google Display Network. Now let’s come to another important question: Are Google Ads Really Effective and Profitable?

What is Google Ads

Regardless of the size of your business or the resources you have, you can tailor your campaigns to suit your budget at any time. Google Ads gives you the flexibility to stay within your monthly limit and even pause or stop your ad spending at any time. To answer this question, let’s take a look at some statistics. Google Ads ads typically have higher click-through rates than other channels. The ads displayed generate millions of impressions every month. According to statistics from Google, paid ads on Google get an average of 65% of search engine clicks. With an advertising campaign and an effective audience strategy,

Google is the most used search engine, receiving 3.5 billion queries per day. Not to mention that the Google Ads platform has existed for two decades, which gives it a certain seniority in the field of paid advertising. Google is a resource that people around the world use to ask questions, find products, and find services. The search engine responds with a combination of paid ads and organic results. Do you need another reason? Your competitors are using Google Ads. Thousands of businesses use Google Ads to promote their business, which means that even if you rank organically for a certain search term

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