When it comes to content marketing, should the content be commercial or advertising? As we told you before, you should know that in content marketing, the content must not be promotional or advertising , and must be published in the brand’s own assets (eg a blog , a notes section, or in an external url of the brand). the brand). When I publish a note on a blog, how do I make it known? Keep in mind that the content must be developed with SEO techniques . This implies that you should not need in the medium and long term to invest in advertising to make it known. Ideally, once you publish it, you amplify it on various platforms such as social networks or native advertising to reach customers, whether they are potential or not.

The key to this distribution is to reach people who do n’t know you. The difference is that instead of reaching them with traditional advertising, you will reach them using content. Here is a simple example for you to understand. You create a text called ¨ 5 truths of breast milk¨ Once you create it, you upload it Belarus phone number to your website, and immediately publish it on your social networks. If you just put it on the networks, you will only reach people who already know you. If additionally, you invest some advertising on social networks to moms, and the text is of quality, you will be able to derive an audience that did not know you but found the text interesting.

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In this way they will know you and you will be able to offer them the products or services that you have for them. Keep in mind that you will do this once it is published, but in the medium and long term, if the content is of quality, you will begin to receive organic traffic . This is the best content. That if it is done well, you will not have to pay for advertising so that people consume it. Please note that this text is not necessarily for brands that sell milk. You can sell any product that is related to moms, but with this text you attract them so that they end up coming to your website, and in this way they will know your brand.

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The big difference with branded content is that content marketing. Must be hosted on a branded property, while branded content does not. If you want to go deeper and learn much more, we invite you to enter and learn. The meaning of branded content and content marketing at the. Content marketing institute or in the article that we have that explains the differences. What is content marketing for? The fundamental premise of a content. Marketing strategy lies in managing to arouse the interest of an audience (called buyer personas), so that they end up coming to. Your site to consume content that is interesting to them.

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An additional example may be a company that sells sports. Products and wants to get certain financial executives interested in its products. The ideal way to attract them may be by creating content that is attractive to them. A simple example can be creating a text called “5 things you should. Know if you are going to invest in stocks with high potential”. When you publish this content on your website. And amplify it on social networks to this profile, you will have a much better. Chance of attracting them, than if you create sports product content. Once they enter to consume the content, you will be able to capture their attention and. You will be able to offer them the products that you are interested in them knowing.

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