To promote your business on the Internet, there is a friendly and sincere method: establish partnerships with bloggers . This allows you to increase your Israel Phone Number List , but also to act effectively on your SEO . Indeed, an article on an influential blog generally spreads very quickly on social networks and the clicks are numerous.

However, before entering this virtuous circle which will allow you to increase your visibility, it is necessary to capture the attention of bloggers in your sector. You should know that these people are solicited all day by many brands. If you want to stand out and have a chance to be quoted in an article on their blog, it is necessary to opt for an original campaign , but also, sometimes, to take your troubles patiently …

It is therefore important that the tone of the messages disseminated and the moderation carried out is in perfect harmony with the values ​​of the company, but these interventions must also be able to be heard by all. Twitter is not a good place for private jokes that can quickly turn into a bad buzz …

Identify influencers in your sector

The first step in building a relationship with bloggers is finding those who may have an interest in your brand because they attract a qualified audience. You need to build a file of targeted bloggers , so that your campaign sticks to their editorial line. To do this, use the Google Blog search (which is now located in “News”, then “Search tools”) to find the best referenced sites for the keywords that interest you. You can also use Kl o ut , an influence measurement tool. It too works by keywords and you then have a list of bloggers dealing with your industry, classified by influence rating.


Most bloggers are on Twitter. You can use the social network’s advanced search to find accounts with many subscribers who talk about your topic. You also have the online tool Follower wonk to find qualified users. Finally, there are blog directories, including Ebuzzing, which will give you a whole list of blogs sorted by topic.

Target the first contact

A partnership with a blogger differs from usual press relations. A blogger is not a journalist and very often his blog is based on a passion . It is on this aspect that it is necessary to bet when making contact with your targets. When building your file for a future partnership, remember to really collect the information that supports your choice. Because very often, to catch the blogger’s attention, you won’t have to be satisfied with a copy / paste email addressed to everyone. You need to explain to him what you like about his blog and how you think it matches your business image.

Show that you have read the articles and that you are contacting him because the spirit of his blog really matches your values . Do not hesitate to subscribe to its accounts on social networks and to share its content. This is how you will get his attention, but also prove what you are saying about your interest in his writing. Targeting also involves geographic position . If you’re planning on inviting bloggers to one of your events, they better be able to attend. Inviting someone who lives in Marseille to one of your Parisian events shows that you haven’t really read their blog …

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