There is an ongoing debate in the SEO community likely sparked. By a widely shared search engine journal article by jeff Ferguson . In it Ferguson writes that google still ranks by individual web page. John Mueller outright on twitter for some website owners. This is Bahamas Phone Number  nothing new for others it may come as a surprise. This information is interesting because it touches on virtually. Every aspect of SEO and in Ferguson’s opinion sets aside many debates. About SEO that we have been aware of over the years. Google treats web pages the same regardless of the domain on which they are Bahamas Phone Number  published. This means that a high authority website. Theoretically does not affect a page’s rankings, right.

Except That Might Be Bahamas Phone Number

Google treats each web page as its own entity. Pages are crawled and indexed independently of the larger universe in which they exist. On the contrary, this Bahamas Phone Number larger universe does not even matter. Content on different, seemingly unrelated topics doesn’t hurt your Google rankings. Google ranks the quality of every web page, which means. It doesn’t expect you to only produce content on. One topic to be considered a high-authority source. Subdomain or subfolder? It really doesn’t matter. Regardless of where your web pages are located, Google will treat them the same. One bad page doesn’t drag Bahamas Phone Number  your entire website down. A page that loads slowly or isn’t optimized appropriately doesn’t affect your site as a whole.

Internal Links Can Be Incredibly Bahamas Phone Number

Bahamas Phone Number

This also explains why content clusters have proven to be effective. The end! Well, not quite. While Ferguson’s article simplifies the situation. And many Bahamas Phone Number of us hope the answers to SEO are indeed. So obvious the debate rages on in a search engine. Roundtable article by Barry Schwartz  says. That google ranks individual web pages, but the site. As a whole has a huge influence on page rankings . Over the past few days, prominent SEO have taken. To twitter to share Bahamas Phone Number  their opinions, and for the gatekeepers. Among us, this might leave us even more confused than before. Which side of the coin is more correct? For now, only the guardians of Google know.

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