Taxed as “Ghost town” at its inception because the level of interaction was rather low, Google+ very quickly silenced its detractors to Vietnam WhatsApp Number List today an almost essential social network . Today, G + is even the social network with the most monthly visits (1.2 billion) in front of King Facebook (800 million), in particular thanks to the use of other Google services, such as Gmail or even its engine. search, which facilitate interaction with the social network.

Whiteboard friday de MOZ : Google+ vs SEO
The Whiteboard Friday Moz I share today is focused precisely on Google+, especially on how the use of this social network can skew search results on a page of Google results. Rand Fishkin (as a reminder, he is the CEO of MOZ , a publisher of SEO and inbound marketing solutions ) shares his findings with us and shows us how to appear in the first results on Google thanks to G +… Rather interesting, isn’t- not?

Google+, the new SEO weapon?

In this video, Rand Fishkin observed that the results of a query on a Google results page will be different whether you are signed in to your Google Plus account or not . While entering a query for the keyword “Data Science” (a very general search), he discovers in the first results an article published in a subdomain of Moz, which is rather surprising since this one does not. however does not enjoy a good referencing. How could this result appear so high? The answer is simple: because this article was shared by someone Rand is following on G +.. When, to verify his theory, he logged out of his G + account and repeated the same operation, the article no longer even appeared in the first 100 results!

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Rand experimented with other very popular queries, like “Happy Halloween” or “Patrick Steward” and, each time, articles shared or liked by these circles appear in Top Results. This implies that Google + is completely changing the game when it comes to SEO! While most of us strive to produce quality content, optimize our on-page SEO or backlinking, and be active on social media , it looks like G + manages to sidestep all that hard work. with much better results . Basically, if you want to be well positioned for one or the other keyword, you just have to make sure that as many people as possible follow you on Google + …

A questionable SEO methodology

Even stronger: even if a person is inactive on G +, that is to say that they do not share content, do not “like” or communicate with anyone, Google will above all offer them the content for which a no one in his circles interacted. As long as you’ve followed that person, it’s relevant according to Google . You don’t have to think long to imagine the kind of drifts that this kind of conclusions can bring. So it would be enough to ” mass following ” people hoping that they will follow us in return to boost your SEO? Technically yes, but it would not be surprising if Google had already thought of a solution that would put all this in perspective … To be continued.

And you what do you think ? Have you ever noticed how much Google favors content shared by your G + contacts? Have you ever tried to take advantage of it to heal your SEO? Do not hesitate to react and consult our SEO and referencing agency!

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