It is no longer just listening or reading about their values, but also enjoying them in life experiences (incis, 2020). 7 differences between storytelling and storydoing storytelling: stories that connect create attraction to your brand through stories (aze digital, 2021). The brand is the protagonist. Transmit values ​​through stories. It is based on a communicative discourse that appeals to feelings. Express brand values ​​through stories, even if she doesn’t appear directly. It requires you to connect with the audience. For that, audiovisual material with an emotional impact is needed, rather than talking directly about the brand and its advantages.

Storytelling: significant experiences create attraction through the interaction of living the story. Notoriety is highlighted by usefulness and purpose. The user, the consumer or the audience are the protagonists. In addition to the brand values, it conveys messages and ideas in a practical way. It is based El Salvador phone number on action, transferring to the experience of the brand’s values. It goes from speech to materializing the brand’s values ​​so that the user comes into contact with them.

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It requires you to engage the audience in a closer way. The strategy invites you to take action, being so pleasant that the client becomes the promoter of your brand’s social media content (cardona, 2020). 10 advantages of storydoing your audience engages with your brand more closely, creating a sense of belonging (dayvo, 2021). Increase credibility towards your brand because the audience can live satisfactory experiences when interacting with your products or services. The emotional marketing involved in the strategy and audiovisual narrative of this strategy increases your presence in social networks.

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You put yourself one step ahead of your competition by implementing trending strategies that go beyond the advantages of promotional content and storytelling . You win direct and faithful ambassadors of your brand. For example, customers who have lived and enjoyed the experiences created. It stimulates brand recall because it engages the audience. Marketing campaigns based on this strategy have high viral potential for your brand’s audiovisual material .

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It generates free social media appearances for you using user generated content . Being a content created by the users themselves and uploaded voluntarily, it allows you to save on the investment of paid advertising. For example, companies such as starbucks, coca-cola and gopro have successfully used this strategy, obtaining direct suggestions from users and a greater presence in digital media (ionos, 2020). In addition, it stimulates “word of mouth” recommendations among clients, which is more credible because it is person-to-person marketing ( p2p marketing ) (zafra, 2019).

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