Currently, 70% ofbrand engagement comes from campaigns with influencers . In this one-hour meeting, various success stories will deal with how to do marketing with brand ambassadors that really works. Female Tech Leaders: Several studies have shown a relationship between the presence of women in senior management and business performance. However, according to the Fortune 500, only 6.4% of the companies on its list are led by women. In this space, several. CEOs from renowned companies with an international reputation. Will talk about how they managed to make their brand successful. Cool Tabs at eShow 2018

Madrid As always, from Cool. In conclusion, Tabs we wanted to join another edition of the largest digital marketing. And eCommerce congress, and we will be present at eShow 2018 Madrid. On Wednesday, September 26, at 11:15 in the morning, we will offer a. Fast Talk in the Digital Innovation. Talk auditorium , an area where the most innovative solutions in the digital market will be presented. Javier Gil, our Business. Development India phone number Manager, will summarize in 20 minutes an. Analysis four months after the final implementation of the. Spanish General Data Protection Regulation.

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Do you already have the ‘SALES’ sign hanging? Then you can’t miss this post, in which we give you ideas to promote and publicize your winter sales, through online marketing actions . January sales promotions Index [ hide ] Ideas to promote the January sales 1. Personality quiz to highlight products 2. Carousel with products 3. Ranking of star products 4. Extra discount codes for sales 5. Roulette with distribution of discounts and other advantages Bonus track: sweepstakes on social networks. Ideas to promote the January sales You have a very wide range of online marketing campaigns that will allow you to promote your winter sales.

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We are going to show you five very simple mechanics, easy to plan and that will be very attractive to consumers. 1. Personality quiz to highlight products Personality quizzes are one of the mechanics that have the best acceptance among users. They are very tempting and attractive and therefore their engagement and conversion is high . A quiz is not only a mechanic designed to amuse and entertain , it is also an ally when it comes to promoting yourself.

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The publication of the campaign or giveaway in different media will generate traffic, which will result in participation. The main sources of traffic, which have brought participants to the online marketing campaigns launched by our clients, in 2019, have been: WhatsApp : if your campaign is attractive enough, it will be shared like foam via WhatsApp. Email : sending newsletters communicating your action works! The link from the Instagram bio : Customize the link of your bio, so that users clearly identify the action.


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