If your digital Belize Email List strategy relies in particular on Gmail ads, you may be wondering about the changes to come… Let’s take a closer look at the consequences and how this transition will take effect! If you use Gmail, you’ve probably seen these ads before. Gmail ads appear at the top of your “Promotions” or “Social” inboxes in Gmail, with a small “Announcement” label next to the subject line. Clicking on the Gmail ad takes you to an ad that then redirects to the site. Like in a classic email in Gmail, these announcements can also be forwarded to be shared with friends or family. Gmail ads come in two formats:

Single Business Ads : These Gmail ads feature a single merchant with a call-to-action button that redirects to the advertiser’s site. The ads Multi-dealers : The Gmail ads, which appear as ads Google Shopping , highlight different products from different merchants displaying the image, price and reviews. When a user clicks on one of the images, they are redirected to the advertiser’s site. In the near future, Gmail ads will no longer have their own stand-alone platform, but you can still access Gmail ads through Discovery campaigns. When you want to launch Gmail campaigns through Discovery campaigns , you need to reconsider how you have traditionally controlled your budget, bidding, and targeting. Here are some tips that should help you prepare for this change.

What are Gmail campaigns

Google recommends increasing your budget for Discovery ads over your budget for Gmail ads. Why ? Your budget is no longer only used for Gmail ads, but also for other types of Discovery ads (Ex: in the Youtube home stream). According to Google, it is recommended that you use the target CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) smart auction . If you’re unfamiliar with Target CPA, luckily there’s a Target CPA suggestion in the bidding section when you’re setting up your campaign. Some advertisers prefer to take the average CPA of the last 30 days of their Gmail campaign and increase that figure by 20%, then monitor and adjust the bid amounts based on performance.


If you’re used to Gmail ads, Discovery’s targeting options will sound familiar. This means that you can recreate your Gmail campaign by targeting groups of audiences. However, if you are targeting keywords, be sure to create a custom audience and add the top performing keywords to your Gmail campaign. Despite their similarities, Discovery and Gmail ads campaigns have some differences in fees. In Gmail Ads for a Single Business , the clicks that are billed from the time a user clicks on your ad. In multi-advertiser ads , clicks are counted when a user clicks on one of your products that redirects to your site.

Launch Gmail campaigns with Discovery

You are not charged for clicks on the collapsed teaser ad that opens the full ad. With Discovery campaigns , clicks are counted when users click the collapsed teaser ad. You are not charged for the clicks that redirect to your site. Unfortunately, Google has not explicitly stated why it wanted to go this route with Gmail campaigns. If your brand relies heavily on Gmail ads for its digital marketing campaigns, take the time in the coming months to study how to integrate the Discovery platform into your current advertising strategy before removing the platform altogether. Gmail. If your actual cost over a 2-week period is $ 2,000 and your optimal cost is $ 1,500, the percentage of the bidding strategy over optimal cost is 133%.

The closer this number is to 100%, the better, as it shows that the actual cost is in line with the bidding strategy. As our example shows, any number greater than 100% means that the bidding strategy is not performing as it should. Conversely, a figure less than 100% indicates that the bidding strategy is efficient. Just like the “Recommendations” tab in Google Ads, the “Bid Strategy Health” column gives you an overview of the optimizations that can be made to improve your bidding strategy. Recommendations boil down to missed traffic due to limitations in bidding strategies. If you’re running a max CPC bid, it might be too low and rob you of traffic.

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