Last week, we raised a subject on the Synthesio blog that caught our attention, and we promised them via Twitter to bounce back on this theme by making an observation of new trends in social media marketing in the sports world. At a time when digital marketing occupies an Brazil Phone Number List important place in the communication plan of companies, social networks have become privileged places not only to allow brands to generate value around their products, but also to position themselves as close as possible to consumers and thus generate their commitment .This is particularly true for the sports industry, which has found in social media the ideal way to get closer to its customers by conveying its values ​​to amateur athletes around the world. Nike very quickly appeared to us as an excellent example of study, so we devote most of this article to it.

By adopting “Blog Marketing”, you are taking a step towards inbound marketing: By promoting the production and distribution of content , by improving natural referencing , by being an ally of the social media presence , the blog fits directly into the logic of inbound marketing . Bring visitors to you and gradually convert them into customers by relying on a regularly updated blog.

From consumer spectator to consumer actor

A study carried out by Sporting News media this year highlighted the involvement of consumers using social media, including the fact that 25% of supporters regularly use Facebook or Twitter to follow their favorite team or player. In addition, thanks today to the appearance of digital media such as smartphones and tablets,the latter can react to the information they receive almost instantaneously, thereby passing from the stage of a simple spectator to that of an actor. This explains why major sports brands seek to bring together communities of fans around them in order to facilitate dialogue, engagement and loyalty.


It is a vision of marketing in which we firmly believe at Markentive, and which we adapt on a daily basis on behalf of our clients when possible. We strive to put value marketing at the center of the consumer experience, who is looking for authentic and immediate content. This also explains our passion for Inbound marketing., insofar as consumers today are able to exchange, share and comment, we can easily imagine that they are able to find by themselves the information they are looking for before making a purchase. Earning trust, setting an example, embodying strong values, and encouraging the community to disseminate these messages, a great marketing story in short!

Nike takes performance to the social media arena

Today we are interested in the strategy used by the American supplier Nike on social media to communicate as well as to interact with its communities. We chose the famous comma brand because we at Markentive are particularly fans of their digital strategy focused on a constant concern for the authenticity and quality of shared content. In this regard, Jesse Stollack, director of the digital department at Nike,offered an interview to the Mashable site in which he unveils the brand’s digital strategy in a few words: “Our ultimate goal is to connect with the consumer wherever they are.

We intend to achieve this by delivering the right message to the consumer. right person at the right time, getting our fans to participate and interact with us in a spontaneous and direct way ”. And so far we find this promise well kept! In order to understand how the American giant behaves on social media, we found it interesting to see what is the strategy applied on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Nike +.

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