With more than 300 million subscribers , the Linkedin network is an essential marketing platform for companies. This leading network indeed offers real BtoB business opportunities but requires adopting an effective Iceland Phone Number List strategy to attract more qualified contacts on Linkedin and boost your sales. As such, here are 5 ways to use your Linkedin profile to expand your customer base . Make your LinkedIn profile interactive

Your Linkedin profile is comparable to a business card, or even a CV depending on its level of precision. It illustrates your skills, your experience, but also your personality. It will therefore serve your sales. We are not going to advise you to fill it out correctly, by filling out all the sections, you already know that .

Publish expert content

As you know, only an effective content strategy will allow you to generate qualified leads. Your Linkedin profile then becomes a key player in your Inbound Marketing . Take care to distribute your blog articles, but also to promote your other publications through the dissemination of “news”. You must also curate and distribute content likely to interest your prospects.


Posting relevant content will encourage users to share it. You will expand your audience and attract qualified Internet users to your profile. However, as we saw in the previous point, your CV on Linkedin is intended to be interactive and aims to refer Internet users to your website . To transform it into a real commercial vector, it will be necessary to go further by using the advanced functions offered by the social network. You can enhance your profile with media : videos, presentations, links, visuals, documents… This will be displayed under your experience, through visible and illustrated sections that catch the eye. You must include documents that will serve to convince prospects. If you have a video presentation of your company, brochures or white papers on your activity, case studies or any document that aims to turn a contact into a prospect, you should put them forward on your Linkedin profile.

Find prospects and collect data

The search for prospects is important to expand your Linkedin network in order to boost the sale of your services. To succeed, you have to explore the functionalities offered by this professional network. Indeed, Linkedin offers a multi-criteria search engine allowing you to specify your searches. Use different criteria (companies, function, sector of activity, group of expertise, etc.) to better identify your potential customers and get in touch with them.

After the identification phase, consider sending out invitations to the subscribers prospected, with a professional signature to arouse their interest. But you don’t have to become a spammer and send all-out invitations! It is about selecting a few leaders with whom you would like to work and who have a vested interest in accepting your invitation. You can do this in a more subtle way, by simply going to visit their profile. They will be notified of your visit and can choose to invite you themselves .

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