For 2015, Facebook has released a whole arsenal of new features aimed at improving the user experience . These changes will most certainly Turkey Phone Number List an impact on the daily life of companies that communicate on this platform. If they want to continue to perform well and increase their conversion rate even more, it is useful to take these changes into account in their social media marketing strategy . Markentive offers you an overview of the changes planned for 2015!

Call-to-action on the pages
We already knew the possibility of putting a call-to-action on the publications via the power editor or the advertisements. Soon, it will be possible to put a button directly on its page . This change, already deployed in the United States, should soon arrive in France. This call-to-action will be located to the left of the “Like” button on the page and will be available in 7 versions: Contact us : which will redirect subscribers to a contact form. A call-to-action suitable for all companies, especially service companies, who wish to encourage requests for quotes or additional information.

The ban on free promotional publications

This big news is likely to have a strong impact on the work of community managers: Facebook will no longer broadcast promotional publications in the news feed . The star of social networks has an algorithm, called “Panda-Like”, which identifies low-quality content, only intended to sell. Brands will therefore no longer be able to shamelessly share their promotional offers and statuses that only encourage purchase… unless they pay, of course ! Commercial publications will of course still be authorized in the form of paid advertisements.


This decision by Facebook shows how much companies must turn to quality content , to promote their expertise rather than their products. Because useful and value-added articles will always be well received by the social network! Businesses will be able to easily publish their blog posts that highlight best practice, tips and buying guides. If this decision by Facebook may seem penalizing at first glance, it is an opportunity to finally get into Content Marketing and offer its potential customers quality publications, which have a better chance of converting.

Establishment of a classified ads system

Facebook is rolling out a free classifieds system in groups . People with products to sell will be able to post ads with photo, price and description. What seems to be reserved for individuals can also be used by professionals. The system will be no different from the “Le Bon Coin” site and companies will be able to create their own Facebook group to sell excess stock or organize private sales, for example.

The deployment of Facebook Places
This novelty will be of particular interest to local businesses such as restaurants, hairdressers, leisure facilities, shops and even bars. The purpose of this directory is to compete with Google Plus and its Google Plus Local branch, by offering companies more visibility with Internet users located in their catchment area.
This feature is open to everyone, even those who do not have Facebook accounts. However, people who are logged in will surely receive personalized results, depending on the ratings and reviews left by their friends.

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