The advertising on social networks requires little investment and can attract qualified traffic , as well as on your page on your website. With 80% of the French population registered on at least one social network, there are Afghanistan Phone Number List avenues to exploit to make themselves known to a large audience. However, you are not the only one who uses these advertising spaces, not to mention that the posts often get mixed up with the news feeds and are placed in the middle of many other posts, which explains why your advertisement does not have the returns. expected. However, it is enough to identify the reason why your post is not having the expected impact, in order to remedy it and propel your next post!

In order to help you analyze the problem, here are 8 common reasons that prevent your social media advertising from performing well. Generalization of the “Buy” button
This button is a real nugget for e-merchants who regularly launch advertising campaigns on Facebook. There was already a “Buy” call-to-action, but this button will go even further, because it will allow users to buy with one click , without leaving the social network. The subscriber will first have to enter their bank details on Facebook and buy from partner sites for this to work. However, if the first few months are successful, it’s a safe bet that Facebook’s network of partners will increase considerably!

You haven’t set clear goals

Advertising without a specific purpose does not generally arouse the interest of Internet users! And for good reason, without an objective, you cannot adapt the form of your message . To be effective, your advertising campaign must meet a goal: to attract traffic to the site, sell a product, generate subscribers to the page, increase registrations to a webinar … Clear objectives allow you to build your advertising in an impactful way and to measure its impact, as well as the ROI generated for your business .


2. You are not using the targeting function correctly
Good targeting is essential to generate qualified traffic! Social networks offer many parameters to allow you to broadcast your message to your target. Do not be tempted to expand your audience, it is better to have a limited number of contacts, but which will trigger an action on your site. And this especially if you choose the CPM (cost per thousand impressions)! Your budget will melt like snow in the sun, without necessarily reaching your buyer personas.

Your visual is not powerful enough

The interest of using a quality visual is no longer to be demonstrated! Only an eye-catching visual can capture the attention of Internet users on social networks, in the middle of the crowd of posts that parade before their eyes. Your visual must be impactful and arouse an emotion adapted to the objectives of the campaign. Logically, it will then prompt action on your ad. 4. You have not placed a call-to-action
Your advertising must absolutely include a call-to-action . Whether it is clickable as a button or highlighted in the status or on the display. The Internet user must know what you expect from him!

5. You have developed only one version of your advertisement
Do you know the A / B testing method ? This is also conclusive for your advertising on social networks. Posting different versions of your post helps gauge audience appreciation. You can distribute multiple contents with different texts or visuals and then analyze the publication with the highest return. Then you just have to deactivate those with a low click-through rate. 6. Between CPM or CPC, you made the wrong choice
The billing method is a key factor for the profitability of your advertising. You need to choose intelligently between CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per thousand), depending on the goals of your social media advertising campaign.

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