When planning a Social Media Marketing campaign, it is first and foremost essential that you understand how your Internet users interact with your content. It is only in this way that you will be able to optimize your New Caledonia Email List and amplify your results on social networks. The RadiumOne agency has just published the results of a study that sheds light on how users share content on social networks by twisting some stubborn clichés!

Myth # 1: Content sharing is mostly done on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. A study conducted by the agency RadiumOne suggests that the majority (72%) of all content sharing is not done by clicking on the sharing buttons found at the top and bottom of blog posts, but rather by copying / pasting URLs and sharing them to closed networks via email or chat service for example. There would therefore be a sort of “underground” social network that would catalyze most of the sharing of articles, videos and images on the Web. And this trend would also be confirmed on mobiles, since the majority of Ctrl C + Ctrl V come from iOS.

URL structure doesn’t influence click-through rate

It would seem rather that this one has a non-negligible influence. There are indeed several services today, like Vanity URL Shortener , allowing to shorten a URL and customize it (see the example below), offering 25% more clicks than services such as Bitly or the traditional long URLs. From a user perspective, these personalized URLs would be easier to remember, inspire more trust and be easier to share, which would explain this more favorable click-through rate. Custom short link generators increase click-through rates by 25% ( Tweet this stat! )

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Myth # 3: content passed through a short link generator has an equivalent lifespan. Surprising as it may seem, the later in the week a shortened piece of content is shared, the more people would interact with it, with a spike in activity recorded on Thursday. So posting past Bitly content on Thursday would increase the chances of increasing its lifespan.

Measuring results

Any strategy must be analyzed and Content Marketing is no exception! But instead of just evaluating the different metrics across the strategy as a whole, you’ll need to understand the prospect’s behavior for each piece of content . This will allow you to see how your content influences its journey and will help you refine your strategy to increase the conversion rate. The evaluation of the path also makes it possible to know when the sale is triggered and especially to verify the means used to reach the final purchase : does the customer consult several contents? Does he subscribe to the newsletter first? Is it using advanced search on your site? Is he asking for a quote?

The better you follow the visitor’s journey, the more inclined you will be to activate the right levers at the right time. The future of Content Marketing is clearly focused on sales . Your content should lead your prospect to buy thanks to a precise path, drawn up in partnership with your sales representatives. The tunnel will thus be made up of different levers intended to support the motivations of potential customers and to refute their brakes. Each profile must be the subject of a personalized strategy and be included in your CRM. This will allow you to make a difference with your competitors, increase your sales, and transform your customers into ambassadors to enter a virtuous marketing circle .

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