hence it is the only one that compares in these aspects with organizations such as the NFL. NBA and MLB. An example of this is what is happening with the league as it returns to activity after three months of inactivity. with empty stadiums but with the same objective of connecting with fans and. of course. with advertisers. Streaming. a great window In this regard. Amazon made official the free live broadcast of four Premier League matches in the resumption of this season through its Prime Video and Twitch streaming platforms. It is a movement that has been known for a few weeks.

but until today it is taking shape and direction. in fact it is already known what some of the meetings considered in this modality will be. ” Like the rest of the Estonia Phone Number country. we are happy to see the Premier League back in action .” said Alex Green. CEO of Prime Video Sport Europe. quoted by AFP a few days ago. According to the information available. this dynamic applies to the United Kingdom . so it will not be possible to see the transmissions from other latitudes. However. the exercise can help other leagues implement similar initiatives.

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This is due to the fact that it is a win-win formula. on the one hand the Premier League will reach more audiences. although it is one of the most watched leagues worldwide. the growth in remote viewers -especially via digital platforms- has not no longer out of your marketing plan; while for Amazon it is a way to capitalize on the agreement of 20 games per season (estimated at 112 million dollars) that it has with the competition and offer a very attractive bite to potential new subscribers. Soccer is a great show… but it needs help We know.

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it is the most practiced and followed sport globally (so the studies say). but certainly any professional sports competition without an audience loses a certain appeal. This is known by organizations that have sought through various ways to reconnect with fans. We have already talked on several occasions about what has been done in other parts of the planet such as South Korea. Japan. Germany and Spain . in fact these efforts are also seen in the Premier League. An example of this is what Sky Sports does. which has chosen to integrate the ambient sound of FIFA 20 matches . this in order to provide a better experience to its viewers. In the case of Amazon.

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it will use a plugin called “Stadium Atmosphere” so that viewers have. The option of listening to the noise of a crowd along with the commentary of the match. According to CNBC . For the Premier League it is one more window. To reach its fans through a free option. according to the media. Sky Sports will broadcast 25 of its 64 games for free on its Pick channel. something similar could happen with the BBC since it can do the same with four games. and although BT Sport has not yet indicated anything in this regard. it is likely that it will undertake some related initiative.

Soccer is back. which excites millions of fans around the. World and a large number of brands and media. Who see in this sport a valuable investment to connect with audiences. FC Barcelona is one of the most successful and engaging clubs in the world. Much of it due to its work on the pitch. But also to great successes in marketing. Probably the culé team is about to give another example of how to capitalize on the connection it. Has with its fans on days when it returns to official competition. But in which it will not be able to see the public in the stands of the Camp Nou .

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