Moreover, it was key in its organization (cantú, sf). All this makes us think about the types of content for social networks . That is, users must make good use of them. Not only because they can affect the good name of others, but because they can, as in the case of the assault on the capitol, cause irreparable damage to an entire community. We now want to tell you if the algorithms have changed now being called meta. Are there algorithm changes with the new facebook name? You will know that facebook algorithms control what we see in the feed.

In theory, every time we update the news feed the algorithm supposedly shows us what is of interest to us in descending order. What the company ultimately wants is for us to keep sliding our finger down to see more ads. The new name of facebook , however, does not affect the general functioning Croatia phone number of the network. Both facebook, instagram and whatsapp continue to work the same, the change will not take effect (cuesta, 2021). What you could evaluate for your business is the effectiveness of social ads .

He Future Now That We Have

Pay for paid content there were algorithm changes prior to the announcement of the new facebook name that affected the organic viewability of many pages. This forces you to be more active on the web by responding to comments, sharing videos and posting more often. Within the marketing strategies to achieve this is paid content. But you will ask yourself: is it worth it? Zuckerberg’s company recommends marketers to explore the databases of their most loyal followers.

Croatia Phone Number

This to ensure that advertising reaches the real potential customers and not wear out with free advertising. The point is that the organic reach in the future can be affected, even that it can go to zero. In any case, facebook aims for each future change to be for the better (sordo, 2021). This for now has been just a background change. The important thing is to continue working in this network so as not to lose what you have achieved. Of course, it is logical that after knowing everything that is behind the change, users are more attentive to what they see, especially to the content.

The Internet of

In this sense, we must become more active and offer quality information with good experiences of our products. This is how community and trust is built.If you want to understand why content traffic is cheaper than adwords or facebook ads campaigns , you have come to the right place. I want to start from the fact that when I started researching content marketing I found the famous phrase: ebook-content-formats ¨ content is king¨ this, along with many other things, told me that content projects were important. What caught my attention was that nowhere did I find the real financial reasons to say so.

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