Twitter, like other social networks , has become a bypass tool in companies’ digital strategy . Real support for content marketing, the little blue Eritrea Email List has a strong viral power and allows brands to make themselves known to a large market . With more than 270 million users worldwide, including 6.8 million in France, it represents fairly significant prospecting potential. But not only ! A presence on Twitter has many other benefits for your business, as long as you master all the principles!

Monitoring and reporting
Finally , the Inbound Marketing agency must provide monthly reporting (at least) to discuss with you on the feedback, take stock of the customers won and learn about your new challenges. It is essential to measure the returns, in order to constantly refine the tools, content and dissemination methods. This step allows us to stay in phase with the objectives that we would have defined in the strategic reflection phase.

Twitter, the ally of your online reputation

A professional profile on Twitter is public (there is an option to make it private, but what is the interest for a brand?) And therefore allows information to be disseminated to as many people as possible. In direct contact with your consumers, as well as your potential customers, this social network helps you manage your online presence in a continuous and qualitative manner. This microblogging tool allows you to regularly share attractive content, converse with subscribers and humanize your business. As a result, it stands out as an effective way to manage your image and show your professionalism to your prospects.

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Indeed, if you take the trouble to respond to Internet users, solve their problems, disseminate information about your sector and promote your own content, you will then appear as an active player in your sector. You show that a person is in charge to take care of his business, but especially his customers. In addition, as you distribute your articles, if they are relevant, they will be picked up by your subscribers, which will increase your visibility. The consequence will also be an increase in your followers, which will further support your credibility.

However, as powerful as Twitter can be in building your online reputation , it can also backfire in the event of a “bad buzz” caused by an awkward tweet or a questionable practice. This social network must therefore be handled with a grain of salt and be the subject of strategic reflection upstream , in order to unleash all the power of promotion and management of its image .

Optimizing your Twitter profile

First and foremost, it is essential to understand the structure of the profile in order to create yours in a relevant way. When an Internet user comes to consult it, he will be able to see at a glance:

Your avatar : it must absolutely represent your company or your brand, with a logo . If you are a freelancer, this can be a professional (I stress professional) photo of you. The ideal format: 400×400 pixels. Your cover photo : this huge image overlooks your profile and can give visitors a lot of information. It’s up to you to see what it should contain: photo of your store, sleek design, slogan… Take care of it so that it encourages Internet users to find out more about you. The ideal format: 1500 * 500 pixels. The number of tweets : this indicator allows the Internet user to know if you are active or not. The more active you are, the more “serious” your account will be.

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