It is not easy to explain how the Somalia Email List works, but in a few words we can summarize that the objective is to buy player cards and to virtually line them up in matches during Game Week on weekdays or on weekdays. end. Based on how the players perform in real life, the player in Sorare gets a score. By adding all the team points, namely 5 cards, because a Sorare virtual matches team is made up of 5 players, we get a final team result. The classification resulting from this final result makes it possible to win cards (rewards) when the players have been successful.

To try to understand these huge amounts and this enthusiasm of investors, we must already explain what Sorare is. Created in 2019, Sorare allows players to buy NFT (Non-Fongible Token) soccer player cards like the Panini cards of our childhood thanks to a cryptocurrency, Ethereum (ETH). Sorare’s success in just 3 years impresses even in the unicorn ecosystem. But Sorare goes much further. In addition to being the “manager” of a football team, it is possible to buy and resell cards in the hope of making capital gains. There are two ways to buy cards: Sorare sets up auctions every day on different players. It is also possible to buy cards from other players on the so-called secondary market.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Unique Card sold

This is one of the other great interests of the game: trading. The purchase / resale of players is one of the keys to the success of virtual team managers, knowing how to buy a player when his price is low and then sell him on the rise. To chat, the gaming community uses Discord. Sorare currently has 150,000 active managers, which may seem low, but 150 million dollars have been traded on the platform since January. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Unique card went to 150 ETH, the equivalent of $ 290,000 in March 2021. The figures may seem crazy, how can you buy panini cards on the internet at such amounts? The explosion of the game is also part of the rise of NFT.


For the moment, nearly 180 clubs are partners of the platform. There are also 4 levels of rarity (Limited, Rare, Super Rare, Unique). If I explain how the game works, it’s because I got started in March 2021 after the first fundraiser. My cousin, who didn’t know anything about football at the start, told me about the game and I felt a certain passion in his words. Personally, a football fan since childhood, it takes me a few weeks to get started. Once started, I found the game quite exciting. The attraction is based on several points: managing your football team, but also the lure of succeeding in buying a player at his hollow and reselling him at his maximum.

If I explain how the game works

We understand the will of CEO Nicolas Julia: “Sorare wants to become the world leader in entertainment.” He has already passed the first steps. The future looks bright for Sorare. Today, we have 215 pre-orders to reserve an electrification kit on the Noil site, not to mention the orders made directly with our network of installers. This represents real proof of the market we are addressing! Our team is well formed too, and now numbers around ten people. Finally, we are currently finalizing a fundraising; this fundraising will make it possible to finance R&D on batteries, the approval of future vehicles, recruitments, etc.

In the medium term, we aim to remain the leader in France in the electric conversion of two-wheelers and to secure our activity. This will involve the extension of our range of vehicles. In the more or less long term, we are targeting the European market; indeed, countries such as Italy, Spain, but also Germany and the United Kingdom represent a large potential market. For our part, we are implementing an environmentally friendly approach, by not producing additional vehicles: 200 kg of CO2 per year are saved for an electrified scooter. We also endeavor to carry out our sourcing in France or in Europe; only electronic parts are produced in china.

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