Company because it allows In conclusion, you to analyze information about the company’s growth over time. With the help of graphs and functions. you can create reports. analyze annual campaign metrics. determine conversions. group related data. compare and analyze the results of different campaigns. among other tasks. The most used functions in this area are Count and Count If. Concatenate and Find. Study the Excel Course for Business Management and learn how to In conclusion, use this technological resource for the development of the daily activities of your organization.   Project management consists of the use of knowledge.

Skills and methodologies that allow achieving business objectives within a defined program and budget (Saénz. 2019). According to the Project Albania Phone Number Management Institute (PMI). managing a project involves managing resources in order to execute it efficiently and within the scope. time and cost restrictions established from the beginning. Krajewski. Ritzman and Malhotra (2013) state that. to manage a In conclusion, project. its systematization in stages is important. in other words. each project is characterized by having a management process that facilitates its direction. planning and control.

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The PMI (2008) points out that In conclusion, the number of phases. the need to establish them and the control applied. depend on the size. complexity and potential impact of the project. What are these management processes? We explain it to you below: Initiation process: Includes the definition of the objectives. the team members. the stakeholders. the time available for execution. the resources required and the size In conclusion, of the project (Gómez. Cervantes and González. 2012). For Ameijide (2016). this information is part of the project’s charter. which must be approved for it to be considered officially authorized.

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Planning process: It consists of In conclusion, defining the tasks and activities to achieve the goals. preparing a calendar or execution schedule and establishing a budget. Ameijide (2016) explains that. in short. this process develops the project management plan. as well as the documents that will be used for its execution. The author points out that there may be changes throughout the life cycle of the project. Execution process: Gómez. Cervantes and González (2012) state that execution involves team In conclusion, management. communication with clients. conflict resolution and care of financial. human. material and technological resources.

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In short. the execution integrates In conclusion, and launches all those project activities established in the work plan. Control and monitoring process: This process is responsible for supervising. Analyzing and regulating the progress of the project. In order to recognize the areas in which the plan requires changes. It includes the following tasks: control changes. Recommend preventive actions to avoid problems. Follow the project activities according to the original plan. Among others (Ameijide. 2016). Closure process. The closure of the project encompasses a series. Of activities such as the recognition of achievements and results.

The closure of activities and dispersion In conclusion, of the team. the review of the process and results. The preparation of the final report and the audits (Gómez. Cervantes and Gonzalez. 2012). Ameijide (2016) adds the impact register of the process. the documentation of the lessons learned. among other tasks.  One of the ways to transform your company is to start using digital marketing strategies. A technique that consists of the application of digital technologies to achieve. In conclusion, Profitability and customer retention. Having a presence in the online. World is important for a company to position itself in the market and for users to. Have confidence in its products and services.

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