Just when the stock market was up and down. And investors tried other financial management methods for capital hedging. Mobile financial management happened to be accompanied by the rapid Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number development of mobile Internet. The popularization of smartphones, and electronic wallets, Square card readers. And near field communication technologies. Various life financial products such as Yu’ebao, Lufax, Tongbanjie, and Suishouji have become people’s more preferred tools for bookkeeping, wealth management, and investment. Mobile financial management has gradually Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number become a new trend of financial management. And is even regarded as the next outlet of mobile finance after mobile payment. But how far is it before mobile financial management can truly become a new production and lifestyle that leverages the national economy.

The Next Outlet of Mobile Finance Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number

Before traditional finance could respond, Yu’e Bao, Yuyubao, Tongbanjie, “Mama Financial Management”, WeChat Pay, etc. have sprung up in the mobile Internet. One-click mobile payment, online lending, crowdfunding financing, online financial management, etc., mobile Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number Finance has become the new normal of Chinese society and has begun to fission. And users have grown rapidly. Data show that in the first quarter of last year, the number of users of mobile financial applications in my country was only 330 million. And in the first quarter of this year, the number Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number of users reached 760 million, an increase of 130%. Compared with the PC terminal, the proportion of mobile wealth management has increased rapidly. For example, the mobile terminal subscription of Suning’s regular wealth management products accounted for nearly 80% in the first half of the year.

The Proportion of Mobile Wealth Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number

Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number
Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number

It has subverted the traditional online wealth management market at a high speed. And has become a safe haven after the stock market crash. Investors new battlefield. Domestic wealth management Jiangxi Mobile Phone Numbers APP users are even more active. And the number of monthly active users of platforms such as Alipay wallet has exceeded 10 million. Mobile wealth management products have various models derived from payment, stocks, bookkeeping, wealth management, funds and other categories. The first category: currency funds Represented by Yu’e Bao and Suning Change Bao. It integrates Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number payment, income, and capital turnover. Investors can purchase traditional financial products through mobile payment companies without handling fees. This model lowers the investment threshold and brings a certain return on investment. But the income depends on the level of capital interest rates between the currency markets.

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