Content marketing takes place in our world and is transforming the world we live in. My last exchanges with marketing professionals and business leaders have further reinforced the idea that we are currently Portuguese Timor Email Lists a real upheaval which has a lasting impact on the way in which companies and customers interact. Who is concerned ? All businesses. In which sectors? In all sectors. Will this fashion pass? It’s unlikely. So if we regularly strive to present the benefits of content marketing in all its aspects in our blog, this time I am having fun imagining what hangs in the face of the skeptics and the recalcitrant, to all theseleft behind by content, these laggards in blogging and related activities.

If by any chance you decide to improve your skills and learn to code, I can only recommend Codecademy , an interactive platform that offers free courses to discover the inner workings of the Word Wide Web (HTML and CSS) as well as many specific languages ​​(Javascript, Python, Ruby, jQuery, etc.). You will certainly find your happiness there! Linkedin is a social network that allows you to perfectly manage your e-reputation with your core B2B target. With a perfectly optimized profile and a proactive presence, you will be able to detect prospects and approach them smoothly . You can also apply Inbound Marketing methods , which will attract them to you. In the end, this social network will become a vector of important contacts and will allow you to optimize your commercial performances.

Without content marketing, there is no alternative to advertising!

Your customers get information, they google, they hang out on social networks , they kill time on blogs. In addition, they no longer check their SPAMs, they stuck a sticker on their mailbox that says “STOP PUB”, and they ended up giving up the fax which overconsumes these toners by debiting pages of ads for destruction of ‘archives, office cupboards, a telephone audit or tax exemption services. Too much is too much, your customers no longer need to be held by the hand, the time has come to no longer take them for pigeons. As you can see, advertising and promotional messages work less well, if not almost at all in certain situations. Option 1: You double your communication budgets to water even larger and more frequently, hoping to stumble upon a prospect by chance. Option 2: You replace some of those promotional messages with content marketing to attract leads to you and earn their trust. Up to you!

Portuguese Timor Email Lists

First, make an Excel list in which you list all the people you feel are influential in the area that interests you. Then try to interact with them by mentioning them , commenting on their articles or quoting them in order to get on their radar and hope to form a relationship with them . The objective being of course to use their network as well as their expertise to your advantage if by chance they retweet your articles or quote you in one of their publications.

Still no content marketing? Your prospects will go to your competitors for information!

Not offering content marketing to a resourceful competitor who has positioned himself with a blog, articles, quality infographics will quickly make you disappear from the radar when a hot prospect sets out in search of a service provider. A great opportunity soaring! But ultimately, we are not sure that a series of in-depth articles will allow us to win an interesting client … What then should we say about a campaign of 100,000 promotional faxes? So we always come back to the starting point, consumers get information and will do it with or without us … If they go to our competitors to do this, we lose a great chance of transforming them into customers …

Come to think of it, we might even have given them the idea of ​​buying an office cabinet with our spam campaign before they end up turning to a brand that offers interesting blog posts to choose from. a practical and functional shelf … What an injustice! In this regard, Rand Fishkin gives here a most relevant advice: do not attack large fish, they are extremely in demand and are much more difficult to access . On the contrary, first try to build a relationship with less experienced experts, they will be more receptive and enthusiastic.

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