Loyalty is an essential lever in the company’s marketing strategy. Usually faster and less expensive than acquiring a new customer, it facilitates Japan Phone Number List contact with your consumers. The loyalty strategy presents a major challenge: boosting its turnover and ensuring the profitability of its business over the long term while preserving its image. So how do you convince your customers to renew their contract with your company every year? Through different automated marketing strategies !

Optimize your visuals to capture the attention of customers
Apart from the quality of your product description, it must be visible and captivating with an image that perfectly illustrates the article. Note that 40% of Internet users are more attracted to visual information rather than only textual content . Good quality visuals should be favored to capture the attention of consumers and if possible, with a situation of the object. In the context of pants, it will be more seller if the illustration shows it worn on a mannequin. The potential consumer will thus be able to imagine herself with it in her daily life.

Customer segmentation at the heart of marketing automation

Segmentation allows you to characterize and classify your customers. Particularly effective for your loyalty strategy, it facilitates the personalization of your offers . However, being sensitive to the needs of customers and offering them tailor-made offers is the best way to keep them in the long term. To segment your customers, you can use several criteria:


The geographic area (if your activity is nearby). The profession or the nature of the activity (especially if you are addressing a professional target). The products or services consumed. Frequency of purchase. Seniority and therefore current loyalty to the brand. The attitude following the purchase (ignorance, profit-sharing in other services, prescription to its network, etc.)

Your product sheet remains the keystone of your e-commerce business strategy . The only link between the user and your articles, it will impact the actions of the visitor. If it doesn’t provide enough information or the visuals are of poor quality, you risk losing the customer. Think about him and always put his experience at the heart of the development of your listings, you will increase your conversion rates. If you need help boosting the results of your e-commerce site, do not hesitate to contact our agency . We will see together how to help you.

The newsletter to inform its customers

A newsletter makes it possible to present the evolutions of the company, its key figures, its new services, its rewards, its partnerships… This reassures the customer on the solidity of your activity and also demonstrates your expertise in all aspects of your field. . Do not hesitate to show the progress and evolution of your products and services and also to present the future prospects of your business. Your newsletter must demonstrate to the customer that he made the right choice in opting for your services and that he can still count on your know-how in the future.

These expressions have great potential, as they generally have little competition . Of course, they generate less traffic, but the traffic is much better targeted . Your potential customers will regularly receive your news and exclusive offers, which can accelerate their conversion .

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