Successfully transforming your prospect into a customer is a decisive first step for your business, but it is not the last! A customer who has South Korea Phone Number List to your offers or purchased your products must absolutely be retained . Not only do you know the adage which says that retaining a customer is less expensive than finding a new one, but continuing your relationship with consumers then turns them into ambassadors . The automated marketing you will help.

Even in the age of social networks , word of mouth remains essential and Internet users like to learn from other Internet users (whether they know them personally or not) about the reliability of a company and the quality of products. . However, how do you ensure that customer satisfaction turns into a recommendation to your network? By publishing this document, you add value to your editorial line and you have useful educational content for your prospects, which also demonstrates your know-how .

Focus on storytelling

What is brand storytelling? It is a concept that aims to enhance your business through storytelling. It consists of telling a story, at the center of which is your brand and your universe, to capture the attention of your target. This strategy helps to create an emotional connection between you and the consumer .


To be successful with your storytelling, you need to adopt content marketing that is optimized , succinct, precise and capable of making consumers adhere to the values ​​of the brand. With the aim of attracting more readers, your strategy must also encourage Internet users to distribute content to their network.

Of course, your storytelling strategy can be automated. You can create several parts of your story, cut it into several pieces of content that you plan in advance, such as a soap opera or a web series. Thus, Internet users will be able to follow the story as it goes. They will have to come back several times to your site or your social networks . To be sure of its effectiveness, sign each slide with the company logo and add a “Contact” page at the end. This way, if your presentation spreads outside your blog, everyone can identify the author and want to know more about you. It is a great method to generate qualified traffic to your website.

Identify and contact opinion leaders

To transform your customers into ambassadors, it is in your interest to identify your most loyal consumers , who have a strong community on which to rely. You have to rank your customers, like you rank your prospects, and then send them special offers. For example, if you spot bloggers among your consumers, why not offer to blog about your business, in exchange for a free product or a great deal? If they’ve consumed with you before, they’ll be much more likely to agree to a partnership than a blogger who doesn’t know you. You can thus initiate a first digital press relationship .

Focus on social networks to retain your customers
It is essential that your customers subscribe to your pages on social networks , to be regularly informed of your news and to be encouraged to share your articles. To do this, offer attractive content, as well as exclusives. Set up an editorial strategy, which will be automated , but which will allow you to strengthen the adhesion of your consumers. High added value content will encourage your subscribers to share it with their community. They will thus become the ambassadors of your company on social networks.

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